Catching up with Old Friends.

Hello dear peeps! I hope the sun is shining on you today! It is shining here in the middle of France, although there is a chilly breeze. It's better than Wednesday when it chucked it down, and Thursday when there was a wind that cut right through you. The sun was out but I was still wearing two fleeces!

We had a good time with Huw and Trish - Mr FD & Huw reminisced about their days at Uni, but we also talked a lot about music, films, life-in-general. We drank a bottle of fizzies, a bttle of white and most of a bottle of red between us, as we had paté (Forestière and Foie Gras) followed by a raclette. Then we had more cheese and a (bought) Tarte Tatin with caramel ice cream. It was all very nice. As they had a bit of leeway, they stayed on Thursday morning, so we did a tour of the area

to the Chateau d'Urfé (image source)

and then to Cervières (image source)

Back for lunch - home made leek and potato soup, bread, cheese, paté, brioche-au-pralines, chocolate biscuits...

and then they clambered on their motor cycle and headed off.

It was a good time.

I was planning on writing a longer post but t'internet is being ultra s-l-o-w this morning so I will catch up with you beauties on Monday. Tonight Mr FD and I are heading to a nice hotel to have a lovely meal and to stay overnight. Celebrating 30 years of marriage. Not bad, eh?


  1. Congrats on your anniversary. I hope you have a memorable evening, and for all the right reasons — you know; things go smoothly, the meal is superb, service impeccable, that kind of stuff.

  2. Congratulations to you two mice! I hope you have a lot of fun.
    I bet your guests adore eating at your house.

  3. Oooh sounds fab!!!! Mmmmm, love thinking of that food. We are off to a Eurovision party tonight and 3 have 3 plates of delicious antipasti and a huge tiramasu! I am so hungry!!!Xx

    Hope you have a fabulous anniversary! X

  4. Happy anniversary!
    Did your guests notice how clean everything was?!
    Jane x


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