"Splash-and-dash" is what our friends used to call a quick trip across to France, usually to pick up extra supplies of wine and cheese.

This is a quick lickety-split of a post as tomorrow I'm going to have to tackle a mountain of ironing, and today has mostly been taken up with writing a sermon for tomorrow, that didn't come easily.

So, food this week (mostly taken from the freezer, due to a slight cash flow problem!) is:
TODAY: A frozen potato-green bean and duck mix supplemented with extra duck and extra green beans.

SUNDAY: Beef casserole, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Beef casserole already in the freezer. Lots of potatoes courtesy of our generous neighbours.

MONDAY: (semi fasting) Pork steak (in freezer) with frozen wok stir-fry vegetables.

TUESDAY: Lamb meatballs (mix in freezer), chips, tomato-and-courgette sauce

WEDNESDAY: Meatloaf (in freezer), baked potato, coleslaw

THURSDAY: (semi fasting) Lentil dhal (in freezer), small amount of rice, some curried veggies.

FRIDAY: Not sure yet...!! But possibly a vegetable/pasta melange of some description!

Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid but needs must!

Thank you for your lovely comments - so many of you commented on how cats like to drink from strange places...We have to have a jam-jar in the sink where Bib likes to lap water from - somehow the bowls of water don't have the same appeal for her!

Mags and Jane&Chris: Pride was great - well worth seeing. We'd also like to see "What we did on our holiday" (that's the one you meant, Mags!) and "The 100 Foot Journey" - it just depends if they come on in VO at the (not very)local cinema.

Mr FD is off to the UK next Saturday to see his sister (over from Canada) and his cousins (over from Germany)  so I'll be on my own. Do you think my menus will be full of gastronomic treats, or just stuff I found at the back of the cupboards?!

And will I have any help from the cats, cooking the food?!


  1. Hi Mouse! I think I'd just use up the stuff in the cupboard when Mr. FD is away! Put your feet up and relax!

  2. so very cute photos...fortunately, my dogs and cats get along really, really well.
    your menu looks wonderful!


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