Ooooh! Christmas!!

I'm actually quite organised for the Big Day - I have bought quite a lot of presents, and even wrapped and delivered three heavy-and-breakable gifts to members of my family. But I do have a habit of buying random gifts in my favourite discount shop, Noz, and discovering that while I appear to have several gifts for (for example) my niece, I have nothing for (example) my brother! I must get my act together and make a list, so I can see where the gaps in my present buying lie.

I'm always in the market for more presents (both giving and receiving!) so I've signed up for the Ship of Fools Secret Santa which is always fun.

My Bloggy friend, Amanda, at Crafty in the Med has alerted me to a Christmas swap, being organised by Creative Chaos.

Huzzah! More Christmas fun. I have signed up, and just thought I'd mention it in case any of my lovely readers wanted to join in the fun!

Talking of lovely readers, here is another Big Fat Dormouse Welcome to Julie from A Tale From Toadstool House. She is a skilful crocheter and makes fabby blankets with BEAR FACES on them! What fun!!


  1. I love the 12 days of Christmas cat!!! X

  2. Aww how kind thankyou, waving back :). You are super organised,I ve just a few things bought,every year I tell myself I will be more organised and time flies away too fast. Have a great evening lovely,Xxxxx

  3. You are a sweet and kind gift giver! I love the way you care for others. Of course you are already almost ready! You're thoughtful!

  4. I just wanted to pop up and say 'hi!' I'm always happy to get recipe inspiration and funny cats never go amiss x

  5. Oooh, I have signed up to this Christmas swap as well!! Can't believe you are already organized for the BIG DAY, I'm still trying to hang on to summer!! :) x


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