My Birthday Gift to Me!

... is the next Hairy Dieter's book

I've been getting a bit lax (A bit?! she snorts in derision) about healthy eating. The aspirational jeans that I fitted in (albeit slightly uncomfortably) for a brief nano-second are again too tight, and I am becoming rather too familiar with the crisp packet/biscuit combo again.

I've not really fasted for a while either, because of taking anti-biotics, and also because of working away from home on planned fast days. I've decided to change my fast days to Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday I'm at home all day (at the moment, at least) with a few phone lessons, but c'est tout. On Friday I am out of the house in the afternoon - kinĂ©, shopping and teaching - but if I have no breakfast, & a soup-and-fruit lunch it shouldn't be too difficult. 

The rest of the time, I'm planning on working my way through the three HD books that I have - trying all the recipes, not just picking one or two that I like the sound of more than others. I did this with River Cottage "Veg Every Day", and it introduced us to some very nice dishes. Plus eating more fruit and vegetables, and fewer biscuits and crisps. Hopefully.

But I'll get today over with first - I'm not fasting today! Dinner (cooked by Mr FD - bought by me yesterday!) is a tasty bit of smoked salmon, then calamari rings with garlic mayonnaise and then pork in shallot sauce with gnocchi. I may find myself forced to buy cakes while shopping.

I made a birthday cake a day early, for Barbara, one of my students. It was her birthday yesterday, so we celebrated with Victoria sponge, filled with redcurrant jam and cream (my contribution) and chocolate tart (her contribution) Other students and teachers joined us for a rather riotous coffee break.


  1. I like the idea of fasting days. I might give it a go next year once I'm able. I'm predicting their will be weight to loose.



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