Yay, Yay, and thrice Yay!!!

Three reasons to cry "Yay!"

Number 1: Two more Followers! How lovely is that! So welcome Mary-who-doesn't-seem-to-have-a-blog, and Mary from the Craft Hoarder. (though looking at your photos you do seem to be suspiciously similar! I suspect you're the same person who loves me twice over!) Please can I be invited to your cat site too?

Number 2: I have lost 1 kg this week to get me back to pre-Christmas weight. That's 2lb of lard gone - and, to be honest, for not too much effort at all. 

Number 3: (and this really shouldn't be a Yay! but it is!) I was so busy working this morning (yes, really. No heckling from the back, thank you!) that I forgot I had to pop to the local shop for some haricot beans to make the spicy bean and vegetable stew that was planned for today's dinner. It was 1 o'clock before I remembered - oops! The shop shuts at one. Now, admittedly, I could have popped a bit further down to ShCarrefour, but by the time I'd got there and back we'd've been running out of making time. So a quick change of plan , and we're having UK sausages, potato gratin, roast parsnips and green beans instead. It's all looking very yummy and I'm really, really looking forward to it! 

I will have to create soup this afternoon to have tomorrow, as I was going to soupify the left over bean and veg casserole, but never mind. It's a small price to pay for SOSSIDGES!
So, everybody:


  1. Aagh! You're making me feel hungry! It looks and sounds delicious.

  2. Oh my god, sausages are something! I learn to have it for breakfast since I'm living here...delicious. With mustard!
    Anyway, I'm not feeling very well this evening, my stomach burns...so I stick with a mint tea.
    Enjoy it!

  3. Those sausages look GOOOOOOD!
    And congrats on losing the kilo so quickly :)


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