Fast Food!

(or at least "Fast Post about Food"!)

This is a fairly quick post: I usually post my menus over the weekend, but as we had guests coming on Saturday (= cooking and cleaning) and Mr FD was installing Windows 8 on my computer on Sunday (= no access to computer) (and loss of all my bookmarked pages. Which I'm a bit annoyed by, but a big THANK YOU to Mr FD anyway for all his hard work on my behalf) So I'm stealing a brief half-an-hour from Monday to post. Monday is my Lesson Preparation day, so it is rather busy. I've planned all my face-to-face lessons: I now need to work on my telephone lessons.

So, Saturday went well with C&A. I cooked the meal as planned and it was very good. They were good company too, so I'll forgive them the lack of communication! It was an enjoyable evening.

Here is the planning for this week:
MONDAY: There was gravy and 2 dumplings left from Saturday night, plus lots of roasted veggies too. So I'm going to bake a couple of potatoes, and some sausages to have with the leftovers.

TUESDAY: Shopping/teaching day so I've pulled a butternut squash and spinach sauce out of the freezer to have with pasta. I seem to remember the sauce was a bit strange but perfectly edible.

WEDNESDAY: Another late home day, so I'll take another pre-cooked meal from the freezer for MrFD to put in the oven. This one is the chicken and sauce that we had three weeks ago. He can be in charge of putting potatoes in to bake alongside the casserole and also some braised red cabbage and leeks.

THURSDAY: Mushroom and vegetable risotto. I won't be following a recipe, but it'll be a risotto with mushrooms, courgettes, green beans, red pepper and cheese. Not too much cheese (I put 400g of weight back on this week. Not a lot, I know, but the numbers really shouldn't be getting bigger! Hence: not too much cheese!)

FRIDAY: Vegetable chilli - aubergines and mushrooms, red kidney beans, onion, garlic and chopped tomatoes - plus chilli seasoning, of course! We'll have this with a couple of tortillas and some home made guacamole (if the avocado ever ripens!!)

SATURDAY: Hairy Dieters' Coconut Prawn curry with some rice. I have some Thai curry paste in the fridge, and some prawns in the freezer so that should be perfect for this. It sounds yummy!

SUNDAY: Again, I'm going to pull a pre cooked meal from the freezer. I'm not sure what's there at the moment - I've not looked for a bit! There's definitely a Vegetable Tagine, but I think that's more of a mid week meal than Sunday. We'll see what's there when I look on Saturday!

LUNCH/LIGHT MEALS: I made an enormous batch of soup on Friday, using a pot-au-feu vegetable pack + left over veggies + pasta so that will keep us going until Wednesday, I think. I'll make a butternut squqsh, parsnip and coconut soup on Thursday, which should see us through to the weekend. I'm planning cheesy-beans-on-toast for Thursday's light meal. We've got chicken rillettes, cheese from Saturday night and some Quorn (hush, don't tell MrFD it's Quorn!) ham. If I buy some Bayonne ham, which Mr FD likes but I don't, that should keep us going in terms of sandwich fillers.

Three of my Liebster blog receivers left comments. I shall pop over to them and see how they've answered the questions I posed.

I think I've answered all the recent comments - but if I've forgotten you, then please give me a nudge!

Here is a special welcome for my next five new followers: Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party certainly brought new people over here and it is lovely that you wanted to follow this blog. I hope you try out some of the recipes that you see - and let me know how you got on with them too!
So, hello to:
Sharon from the blog livewire jewelry . She also does some lovely altered images work too: an inspiration for my crafting!
Evalina Maria, a talented cross stitcher from the blog this and that. I don't cross stitch but I can see the talent that her pieces take.
Debbie B and ziggyeor (who as already commented) and Maureen from the Victorianstudio site. I am SO jealous of Maureen's studio/crafting room. It is so gorgeous that I'm sure she can't help but feel creative when she walks in! I've had a reshuffle in my study/craft room and added some shelves, and cleared my desk, but it still isn't as beautiful as hers. Still, I'm a cheapskate thrifty and don't spend much money on crafting (mostly because it isn't really paid work, but rather just a hobby)

Anyway, welcome to my blog, you dear people.


  1. You are so sweet, Mouse!
    Your dinner plans look delicious as always!


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