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...but in the right way!

Hello to those visitors who have come by way of Vicki’s lovely Grow Your Blog party! I hope that you will like what you read here, and that maybe you’ll choose to become a Follower. That would be really exciting! I love it when the number of Followers shows an increase, and I hope that people do pop by to see what I’ve been up to from time to time.

I have two blogs. You may already have visited me at Viewfrom the Teapot, which is a less focussed blog, looking at my life in France – and life in general. This blog is more about food. It started when I was trying to lose weight and I thought it would be a good idea to be more accountable to people who were supporting me. Then I gave that up, and just started to share my menu plans and some favourite recipes...Now I am trying to lose weight again (6 kg lost so far!) I still share my menu plans etc. Mr FD comes on to find out what we’re having to eat!! I do mention other things en passant...but it is mostly food!
 I’ve always been a lover of food – and the more of it the better!! I recently admitted to my mum that when I was much younger I stole two shillings and sixpence (a florin, I believe they were called) from her purse and spent it on 6 cream cakes which I scoffed in the park! Mum was horrified - I’m not sure what she found worse: the stealing, what I bought or how I ate them!! 

Mr FD and I always enjoy going out for meals, and while we have to live a slightly more frugal lifestyle here than we did in the UK, we do go out from time to time. There are two restaurants in our village. One is next door –  Hotel de Londres - they make great pizzas, and some good value one course+ salad + dessert meals, but they do lose out on the more extravagant menus to the other restaurant. The starter and main courses are comparable, but the cheese selection and pudding choice are not. 

At  l’Hotel de la Poste the choice of cheese is out of this world, and the three- storey pudding trolley means that you gaze at it for hours, unable to make up your mind! Especially when you can choose up to three things! 
Where we live is not far from Roanne, the home of the world famous Trois Gros restaurant, with three Michelin stars). We have not eaten there; at 365€ per person for the menu (though admittedly with wine) it’s a tad too expensive for us! It would be lovely to go just once though...Maybe I should start saving now and we can go for our 30th wedding anniversary. That’s only 100€ a year to save up! But there are other wonderful restaurants around here where we can splash out! 

Our friends treated us to a meal at Le Chateau du Champlong for our 50th birthdays. We decided to stay overnight as well, and that was a fantastic time. I kept the menu and look at it from time to time with a drooling mouth! (Unfortunately I can’t find it at the moment to share it with you!!!!) There is the Auberge Costelloise (1 Michelin star) which we keep promising ourselves we’ll go to. But there are other, simpler restaurants nearby too – the Belgian restaurant where we ate hearty Beef Carbonade and drank beer that was stronger than the bottle of wine our friends shared!  The wonderful Auberge du Moulin, where we shared with friends a simple platter of charcuterie, a roast chicken and the best chips we’ve had in France. Oh we are lucky to live here!!

While I’ve not always struggled with my weight, the proximity of such delicious food, a distaste for exercise and the onset of middle age has meant that I need to try much harder now. Mr FD also has a bit of an embonpoint if we are honest, but he loves cycling and regularly cycles 60 or 70 km at a go, thus using up many of his calories. I think I need to restart cycling – if you read back over this blog you’ll see I set myself a challenge in 2011 to cycle 1,000 km in 6 months and to raise 1,000€ of sponsorship for a community school in Zambia. My money was put towards building a new toilet block! While I say I don’t do challenge, in order to make me do something requiring effort I needed to have the motivation of sponsorship behind me...I’m not sure what I’ll do to motivate myself this year! 
                                 (This is Mr FD and our friend. He is wearing the cycle club colours.)
This is me when I'd just done my 1,000 km!

I hope that you enjoy visiting me here, and finding out what we’re eating. I’ll post again tomorrow (Saturday. Or maybe I’ll wait till Sunday) to let you know the menu plans for the week, so do pop back to discover what reduced calorie (or maybe not!) food we’ll be enjoying in the coming weeks. 

To celebrate Vicki’s fabulous Blog Party I’m offering a small giveaway, suitably food inspired. I’ll pick a name from anyone who comments (you don't need to become a Follower, but it would be lovely if you do!) and send them a recipe book. It will be in French, but it’s reasonably easy to interpret with an online translator/dictionary. But I hope you’ll stay for the craic rather than the giveaway!


  1. Thanks for kicking off the party early Dormouse. It reminded me to get going!

  2. Lovely post FD! Looking forward to GroBlo13. I've got my post up and ready.

  3. the hubby & i enjoy kayaking, biking & camping. always trying to add more exercise to our daily lives. please enter me into your giveaway. i hope you will stop by my blog. have a great day. take care. ( :

  4. Thank you for stopping by Bird Lady Blog. I have always had an interest in all things French. My son even has a french name... Beau. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

  5. Good Afternoon to you, I love the title of your blog....it drew me in. I think I am older than you, as a florin was 2 shillings and 2s6d was half a crown...oh dear I'm showing my age now. What an amazing feat to cycle 1000 kilometres....if I achieved that I would be thinking how many calories I would be able to eat! Trouble is I love cooking and it's hard to loose weight when you are forever cooking. I have enjoyed your blog, and have become a new follower, may you have many more. Best wishes, Daphne

    1. You're right, Daphne, it was half a crown, not a florin. My memory is going...!

  6. I'm excited to become a follower of your blog. I'll consider it my lessons in French cooking. :)
    I too, struggle with weight issues, I love food- both to eat and cook.
    Have a lovely day.
    -Becka @ Girasole Farm

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog "MyPaperDaisy".
    Wow, 1000 km in 6 month, congrats, I wished I had your energy!
    Can't wait to read more about the yummy French food!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ahhh...France! We didn't have enough time to eat our way through it! But maybe next time. Love your blog and travels. Thanks for coming to the party.

    Your newest follower!

  9. Wow! You are surrounded by beauty and amazing food. Those eclairs are killing me!

    Congrats on the 1000km! Looking forward to following both your blogs.
    Happy Blog Party!

  10. I knew by your blog title your site would be a delight! just joined up!

  11. Love your blog title. I was intrigued! Thanks for paying me a visit so I could come say hi. Best wishes in your weight loss goals and living a life of good food and fun in France!

  12. Hi, I'm visiting from Vicki's party. I enjoyed hearing about you and seeing your photo. Good luck in your weight loss and cycling goals.

  13. Hello! Thank-you for lovely comment you left :-)
    As a great lover of food, :-D, I'm sure I'll really love following along!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  14. Beautiful blog. I love food too - I'm looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Thanks for visiting my blog too.


  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband's family is from Louisiana so they were originally French. Probably where the pickiness on tea comes from. We can't get American tea because he has to put 2 or 3 teabags in the pot to get it the appropriate strength.

  16. Thanks for dropping by! You have a lovely, lively blog, and I so know how hard it is to lose weight!!

  17. Nice to meet you on the blog hop! I love your photos and your sense of humor, and of course I looove food!

  18. Hi there, thanks for visiting my corner of blogland. I love the idea of your blog. I have always struggled with my weight and can never seem to keep the pounds off so maybe some of your healthy meal ideas will help me too :)

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on the 6kg lost so far. I have started to make some food changes in my life this year. I have gone gluten free and said good-bye to soda (and haven't killed anyone, yet!). Here is to a healthier 2013!

  20. You have a lovely blog. I'm a new follower and participant of 'Grow your Blog'. Have fun at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  21. LOL! you are a riot! Nice to meet you!Thanks for stopping by my blog- I will stop by your other one too- going through the list to at least stop by everyone's. Have fun with the GYB party!! Linda

  22. Putting on weight just watching your blog. I'm French, so I can read French. I came here from Vicki's party, still going strong. Do stop by my blog too and enter the giveaway. See you there.

  23. Great blog! Very nice to meet you via the GYB party.

  24. Isn't this the most fun!? Vicki has been fabulous to bring such joy to so many people; I'm glad to stop by and say hello again!

  25. Happy to meet you through the Grow Your Blog party! I love meeting bloggers in other countries--so much fun! SMCbyDesign.com

  26. Hello, FD; so nice to make your acquaintance through your visit to Boulderneigh! I would find it difficult indeed to be surrounded by so much magnificent food; out here in the country I have to make it, or find the time and money to drive at least a half hour to any restaurant. As a result, it's usually me. :-)

    Off to check out your other blog! (I have a second one as well, but it is MORE specific and probably interesting to only a few.)

  27. Loved reading through your blog and all the yummy food. Maybe I can learn a thing or two and make something for hubs.

  28. Nice to meet you at the party!
    Beautiful blog and I love your lovely giveaway...

  29. Thank you for your visit and such kind comments on my studio; so glad we could connect so I could find you too! I am your newest Follower!

  30. Hi!

    I love the name of your blog! Adorable!
    Thank you for visiting me.

    My sister lives in the UK. She is in Surrey.


  31. Hello from Melbourne Australia,
    I'm visiting from the GYB party and loving your blog.
    It's so fun of interesting posts and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun visiting...and that's why I'm now your newest follower! ;D
    Have fun with the blog hopping and thanks for the opportunity to win the 'giveaway'.
    (My hubby has just bought me a gift of a French lesson and cooking course as part of my birthday pressie)

    Neesie ♥


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