Vast amounts of Food disappear!

Goodness, don't young people eat a lot? Especially young people who are refuelling having cycled from Istanbul, by way of the Alps!

(Aaron is a little bit older than the baby in this photo. I suspect this child couldn't quite reach the pedals on a bike yet. ) (source)

We have had the pleasure of hosting Aaron, from this site , for a couple of nights. There was a flurry of panic on Wednesday, as due to a misunderstanding, we thought he was arriving that day. But he turned up on Friday, Mr FD riding down about 20 km to meet him. On arrival, he devoured huge amounts of beer, crisps, soup, ham, potato gratin, salad, cheese, flapjack and profiteroles. The following day, I fed him croissants and cereal, for breakfast, then more soup, bread and meat for lunch. He decided to stay over on Saturday too, as  it was due to rain all day and Ireland were playing South Africa at rugby, and we have UK television! I was at a very tedious AGM, and Mr FD was working so we left Aaron to his own devices in the morning. In the afternoon, he and Mr FD moved an old fridge/freezer to the cellar (I've been waiting over 9 months for it to leave the dining room!)  and then watched the Wales/Argentina match.

Then we went up to Cathy's for a raclette and a maple-and-walnut tart. Huge quantities of meat, potatoes, salad, and cheese went to fuel Aaron for the next leg of his journey. Then we watched "Sideways" on Cathy's big screen
before going back home where Mr FD and Aaron watched the aforementioned now-recorded rugby match. I went to bed.

Then this morning, Aaron loaded his bike and he and Mr FD rode off up the hill outside our front door. Aaron was heading for Taizé, where someone he knew had offered more hospitality, while Mr FD went along for the ride. I drove out later to collect my husband at Briannon. Aaron had continued, taking the flapjack with him!

It was a real pleasure to welcome such an interesting young man into our home. I hope that we stay in contact, and maybe meet up again some time. Thank you Mags for the introduction!


  1. So very glad it all worked out, after Wednesday evening's little panic. The girls at Sewing Club were fascinated to hear I had been telephoned by a Dormouse From France xx

  2. That's so class. So sorry for the confusion! Isn't he wonderful? Aren't you and Mr FD wonderful?!

  3. I didn't know cyclists could eat like that! Wow!
    All the good foods you offered him sound WONDERFUL!


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