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It's only untitled because I'm feeling uncreative and uninspired. Sorry!

In the comments from last post, PomPom encouraged me to google some chowder recipes, after Mags had said she'd eaten some chowder and I confessed to not really knowing what it was. I had vague recollections of reading about both clam chowder and corn chowder - neither really appeals. I like sweetcorn as kernels, but I'm not wild about it when it's been liquidised. I think it becomes a bit gloopy, nor am I turned on by the thought of fishy soups - I recall rather unpleasant corn and crab soups at second-rate Chinese restaurants (though, to be fair, I adore a good, spicy provençal fish soup, with croutons, cheese and garlicky aioli to plop into it. Mmmmmmm!) However, on this site there are other vegetarian chowders too...but I have to say, I'm not sure the Hairy Dieters would approve - they all seem a bit creamy. Though this roasted sweet potato chowder might pass the Hairy Dieters test!

I'm a bit "off" my Boys at the moment. Like I said last week, the Hairy Dieter's recipes are a bit meat heavy. So I've gone elsewhere for one or two other recipes this week. I need to pull my socks up, as we've had quite a few indulgent meals recently, and in fact for the first time since I started, I put on weight - 500g up from last week. That's not good. But, I'm not going to beat myself up - I know why it happened. I enjoyed the reasons it happened, so there you go. I don't think I will quite reach my target of losing 6 kg in 10 weeks, but if I can manage 5 kg, then that's all good. Exercise is the key - swimming once a week plus two longish walks is good, if I can do it - with less wine and rich food. 

So, last week I didn't cook the lamb Tagine on Sunday as planned. See here to find out why. So the lamb is in the freezer, waiting for another time. We didn't have the cottage pie either - instead (because I'd done a lot of exercise, and felt I could treat us a little) we had chilli with garlic bread. Unfortunately, I'd also opened a bottle of wine to have with Cathy, and I finished that off too! I think I treated myself too well!

This week:
MONDAY: (yesterday) I had some pastry to use up and made a chorizo and vegetable quiche. We had that with oven chips and coleslaw.
TUESDAY: (today) Aubergine bake and a veal escalope. 
WEDNESDAY: (tomorrow!)Hairy coconut prawn curry . In this blogpost the author describes how she made the curry. I think it gives enough detail, should you wish to follow the recipe.
THURSDAY: We're going to try Hairy Haddock, spinach and egg pots. I can't find a recipe on the internet, so I shall describe the dish as pots of a spinach, smoked haddock, creme fraiche, and onion mix, with eggs baked into the little pots. When we went to the Belgian restaurant last week, several of the party had these, but with smoked salmon instead. As smoked salmon is easier to find than smoked haddock, I am going to use that instead. We'll have this with a salad and some bread, I think. 
FRIDAY: Today I'm off the Hairy Ones, and back to a tried-and-tested Slimming World recipe: bacon and chilli pasta. Keeping the amount of pasta to 50g per person, I don't think Si and Dave can complain too much about this.
SATURDAY: I think we'll go for a vegetarian meal again, of felafels, houmous, salad and flat breads (tortillas) I've made these before, and I remember they were yummy and easy to make.
SUNDAY: As I've got the lamb, I'll try for the Tagine again (see last week for the recipe). 

Oh dear! I do love my food so much! If they invented a pill that took the place of meals, I certainly wouldn't be interested. I love the whole food experience too much! I can still taste delicious rose veal escalope from lunch!  

We are planning a film night up at Cathy's this week, and we may well be going over to friends' for apéro-diner another evening, so this week's menu definitely has to include "movable feasts". If necessary, I can cut out the bacon pasta, or the eggs, or the felafels, as they all use ingredients that are tinned (chickpeas), will keep until next week (bacon lardons, eggs, frozen spinach) or we can use for lunch instead (smoked salmon) 

And finally, a big, ( no, that's not big enough) huge 
to Mags who sent me a CD which I received today. It is 
I love this band from No'rn Ireland. I can't choose a favourite, so here is the first song on the CD for you to enjoy. "Praise like Fireworks" - quite suitable for the day after Bonfire Night! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



  1. Woohoo! Fabulous song - I am SO excited because I am going to SEE Rend Collective in Nottingham in 23 days time.
    And you really should rename the blog you know! [Slim Dormouse getting Slimmer?]

    blessings xx

  2. Because you're worth it. (That's our L'Oreal ad- do you get that l'Oreal ad over there, or is there a French original version with naked women?) Also because I suspect that you love them NEARLY as much as we do!!


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