Menu Planning this week

Because of Aaron's visit over the weekend, we ate things that hadn't been planned, meaning I have ingredients to use up. No problem! I hope to get away with a small, low cost shop at ShCarrefour (This is the supermarket in the village. It used to be Shopi, but is now Carrefour Contact. Of course, we often forget and start to call it Shopi. Hence its new name ShCarrefour. I feel a little like Sean Connery when I say it. I don't know why) especially as I have a voucher for 10€. That will help.

MONDAY: We are out (again!!!) This time at Monique and Michel's, just across the road. They always put on an enormous spread...last time we ate foie gras, king prawns and dessert. This time, I'm taking dessert - a low calorie (not!) Banoffi Pie. I suppose I should have tought about trying to make a low calorie dessert, but I know that they love this, so, well! Why not? I only need have a small piece.

TUESDAY: Lamb Tagine leftovers from Sunday. It was delicious - though maybe a bit too spicy for me.. The recipe was for 4 people, so I used half the amount of lamb, but the given amounts for the other ingredients (tomatoes, chickpeas and sweet potato) so we have a slightly-light-on-meat-but-full-of-everything-else second go at the pot!

WEDNESDAY: Sausage & bean hotpot. OK, so this might not be VERY low fat, as it's difficult to get reduced fat sausages. However, I bought a tin of French baked beans by accident, and then opened them yesterday, thinking they were chickpeas, so I need to find a way of using them up fairly shortly. This looks quite possible - and I'll try to get Merguez sausages, which will add some spiciness to the mix!
THURSDAY: Bacon and chilli pasta, as planned last week, but not cooked. We have the bacon and tomatoes and pasta already.

FRIDAY: Felafels and hummus as already planned. I'll make a salad to go with this, and we'll probably just have it with bread.

SATURDAY: There's a Hairy Cheese and potato pie in the freezer. We'll have than with a baked vegetable dish of some description - to give a bit of "sauce" to it. A seasonal version of ratatouille.

SUNDAY: I'm really not quite sure! I think there is a piece of meat of some description in the freezer. I'll check. If not, I think I may buy a chicken and roast that. We'll have a traditional roast chicken dinner, and then I will make a chicken-and-vegetable pasta bake for Monday.

So that's our not-much-of-a-shop week. Just the fresh stuff - vegetables, yoghurts, milk, bread, plus some things for sandwiches to buy. Plus the aforementioned chicken.

* * * * *

Angela : thank you for helping me get in touch with Mags last week. It's great that we have a little network set up!! and Mags, Aaron told me all about you! Hah! I know everything now (well, not really!)

PomPom, you said you didn't know cyclists ate like that... well, I've lived with a cyclist for quite a while now. Mr FD claims that on a usual Saturday afternoon ride, he will expend at least 2,500 calories. As Aaron has been cycling over Alps and so on, with a bike + load weighing about 20kg, he needed to refuel more than that. And he is young too, with the young person's voracious appetite! He seemed to enjoy everything we gave him, so that's good!


  1. Glad to be part of the Bike Chain!
    I keep wondering where Aaron is now - but Mags has not mentioned sending him here [good thing - theere's next to no food in fridge]
    blessings xx

  2. He was heading to Taizé, then Paris, then ??? He was thinking about crossing the Channel to Plymouth and then following the Fosse way up north. But I'm not sure of the exact direction, as he wasn't! There was talk of making it as far up as John O'Groats, but that was unclear!


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