Stuffed like a Christmas turkey!

We went out last night for dinner. A friend of ours, Richard, took Cathy, her mum & sister, Mr FD and me out for a meal to celebrate a windfall he had received, and to reciprocate for meals he has had with us. (At the moment, he is living in a caravan while renovating a ruin, so he can't have people for a meal) We went to La Murette, a Belgian/French run restaurant/Auberge about 10 minutes drive from here
The choice wasn't huge, it being out of season, but what there was was delicious. I had good intentions of choosing healthy options - well, there wasn't really anything "healthy" so I just went for it! And ate too much!
I started with mussels, crispy coated in breadcrumbs and fried, with tartare sauce. And salad! I had salad!! Then Carbonade - a rich stew of beef cheek cooked in beer, served with chips. Unfortunately, the chef served out our portions, but then brought the rest to the table - and, when tempted like that, I have no willpower. I had seconds! Then cheese, and finally tarte aux myrtilles

We had coffee, which was served with a glass of avocaat (Yuck! Just like drinking liquid snot!) and then the chef/owner brought us a free glass of liqueur - which was much nicer than the snot-in-a-glass!

My stomach felt stretched to bursting point, and I rather regretted my greed during the night - slight indigestion, and just not sleeping too well. This morning I didn't want breakfast - I just had my Danacol yoghurt and coffee - and this lunch time, I still feel full. I met Cathy and her family for a coffee, while they had an early lunch, and pinched a couple of chips from Cathy's plate. I really didn't feel much inclined to have anything else! I will cook for Mr FD, when he returns in an hour from work, but I may only have a slice of toast. I might have my main meal this evening, when I feel more like eating again.

Here is another photo of the restaurant
Not that you can see much of it!

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  1. It looks so lovely! yesterday I had a chowder for lunch in a little Belfast restaurant, with wheaten bread, and haven't had much since! Also- please don't mention the C-------s word yet!!

  2. Oh me! That takes me back to many happy (and heavy, but delicious) meals during the time we lived in France. I just don't have the stamina nowadays. Sounds lovely.

  3. I didn't know you'd lived in France! Where were you based? I have to say that usually I find portion control very good in restaurants - but usually there isn't the option of second helpings. That is what did for me!
    Mags, your restaurant sounds lovely. I'm not sure I've ever eaten chowder, to be honest.

  4. Hi Mouse!
    You are smart to fast a bit after that lovely meal! Chowder is WONDERFUL. Google some recipes!


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