Hello everyone

Just popped in to tell you about today's lunch - delicious.

Chop a bit of chorizo, a few mushrooms, a leek, half a yellow pepper, some cherry tomatoes, half a bal of mozzarella into bits. Throw into a greased (I forgot this bit) baking dish.
Mix together 3 eggs, beaten, a glop of creme fraiche, about 20 cl semiskimmed milk, black pepper, salt and herbs. Pour over the veggies.
Sprinkle on some grated cheese and bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes until set. But not too set.

We had this with oven chips and salad. I didn't take a photo, I was too busy eating it! 

Also, Hello, hello! to my newest follower, Aninha. I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did. Your cats are lovely! In fact, I'm going to make a link to Anhinha's site, because there's a picture of a cat on there which, for some reason, made Mr FD and I howl wth laughter. I think it's the fact that the cat does look very like George, and the expression on the cat's face that is so funny! Go here and tell me what you think.


  1. Nice to see you, Mouse! Your lunch sounds lovely. Healthy, too! Well, I can't eat the cheese, but the veggies sounds scrumptious! Funny kitty!

  2. Fab Lunch but a complete walk in the park compared to the Thanksgiving Feast I've just read about and a little reminder of what's in store for us in about a month's time!Thank you for your sweet comment at mine and more than happy that you're now following!Have a good weekend. x

  3. I dont remember how I found you! lol
    I'm curious now, who is George?
    My cats are really funny little things, that's for sure!

    I see your comment about the 5 min bread. It take longer...but the time you have to spend making and working the dough is just about 5 min really! I love make this bread, is very easy. I promisse to tell you everything about it, but at the moment I'm so busy, I have a lot of sew to do, I'm flying to brasil next weekend and I must finish all presents...

    thanks for visit my blog.


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