RECIPE: Pork & Apple Burgers

This is tonight's dinner: the recipe suggests serving with a wilted spinach salad. I'm going to have paprika potato wedges and a spicy salsa. I'd make the salsa with big tomatoes if we had any, but we haven't, so it will be with cherry tomatoes. I hope it works OK. We've got the tail end of a bag of salad to eat as well.

1/2  large apple
1/2 bunch spring onions, trimmed & sliced
Tsp dried herbs
small bunch of parsley
300g pork mince (as lean as possible)

  • Peel & grate the apple, squeeze out the moisture and put in a bowl. Add the sliced onions, & herbs. Mix with the apple.
  • Then add the pork mince & seasoning. Mix well, using your hands. Divide into 4 burgery shapes.
  • Preheat the grill to high. Line the grill pan with foil & spray with FryLight. Arrange the burgers on the foil & grill for 5-6 minutes on each side until cooked through.
  • Serve with whatever you're eating with it. 2 burgers each.
On SW this is 1 syn on the Original and 11.5 syns on the Green plans.
I'll put the recipe on MFP and then come back & tell you the calories!!! (Just put it on and found it's 405 calories. Which is quite a lot. However, made with low fat pork mince, which we can't get here in France, I guess it would be lower in calories and fat content. Still - I'm only over my calories by about 100 - and that includes a glass of wine!)

I've no spring onions so I'm using finely chopped ordinary onion.

Last night we ate quite late, as we went to see a friend. I had a glass of rosé as an apero, which wasn't good. But I refused snacks and flapjack, which was good. So I am quite pleased with myself. I didn't have the inclination whe we got back to start cooking a pasta bake, which is what I'd planned, so I threw together a pasta sauce, with a jar of lowish calorie veggie sauce, supplemented with courgete, pepper,mushrooms and lardons. Not very good for us, but better than many things I might have "thrown together".


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