Menus this week

If anyone cares...! I forgot to put up this week's menus. Here are our dinners for this week. I won't post the recipes for all of them, but I will for those that are particularly nice!

WED: Turkey & Mushroom Ragout. I posted the recipe, but added some frozen spinach and a diced courgette for extra veggies. Quite nice. Very filling with rice - though I did use a lot for both of us.
THURSDAY: Courgette & Pasta Gratin (using half a mozzarella ball)
FRIDAY: Pork & apple burgers, salad and potato wedges.
SATURDAY: Penne Arrabiata with the other 1/2 mozzarella ball.
SUNDAY: Chicken Saltimbocca, courgettes and carrots, jacket potato (or maybe SW chips. I've not decided yet)
MONDAY: ratatouille, with spicy potato wedges, and 30g grated cheese.
TUESDAY: Steamed coconut salmon (ooh, I wonder if I've used up the coconut milk in the soup today?! I'll have to check!) and rice

Most of my lunches are 2 small sandwiches (Laughing Cow cheese spread, or ham, or chicken. Maybe an egg mayo) with cherry tomatoes, a Peach Pot, an apple and my regulation 4 mini Jaffa Cakes. If I suck them, rather than chew, they last a bit longer! If I've made a soup, I'll take a big thermos of that as well. I'm actually surprised how much this fills me up: I used to take 4 sandwiches, plus crisps, and I'd eat maybe half a pack of the Jaffa cakes.No wonder I'm the size I am!!!


  1. Do you know what? This blog is a really good idea to keep you on track. I will really vouch for slimming world as a way to achieve weight loss - and keep it off too. Last year I lost 3 and a half stone, without exercise really so with exercise it would have been more, or more quickly or more toned!! Anyway, my point is that I got to my target weight with no terrible problems apart from encouraging my family and friends only to feed me healthy foods when in their homes! Keep up the good work! You will do it if you are doing it for you. Also, keep saving for the new clothes you will need.


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