Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner - Get set, go!

OK, so I already have a blog over at "View From The Teapot" dormouse.wiblog.com - that's my general, what's happening today kind of blog. But this is a bit different. This is my weightloss blog. I'm hoping that as I continue to lose weight, by diet and exercise I can record my successes here. And that I will be cheered on by whoever might read this.

I chose the name of the blog, Fat Dormouse getting thinner, because my "web name" is Dormouse. On various sites around the interweb there's me. There is a type of dormouse (glis glis is its botanical name) called a Fat Dormouse. It's a dinky wee thing, but it's fat. Like me. Here's a picture of the Fat Dormouse.

Hopefully as the days, weeks, months, and I guess years, go by, I will be a the Dormouse Formerly Known As Fat!

So, I started this Healthy Eating thing last week. I started at 102 kg - a frighteningly large amount. I'm 6 foot, but that really is too much. I lost 2 kg last week, through being careful what I ate, some exercise and, of course, the Big Shock to my body. I know this generally happens when you start a new diet, but it's still a nice thing. 4.4 lbs! Way to go, Dormouse!

Each week I'll say what my menus are for the week. And post the odd receipe or two as well. I hope it will encourage some of you lot as well. I'm using My Fitness Pal as an aid. There are lots of people on that, but in general I find the recipes and hints a bit too "American" for me. I don't mean any offence by that, but just that  recipes and comments refer to products that I can't get over here in France.

And then there is my bug bear EXERCISE! I am really lazy. I don't like putting myself out. But I've decided to set myself a challenge. Called 1,000 euros for 1,000 kilometres, I'll tell you more about that later. But for now, I'm trying to do a little more exercise than I used to. Mr FD has set up my bike on the trainer downstairs, so I'm building up on that (though our big downstairs room is so cold! I suppose it encourages me to work out when I'm there,but it's not very inviting!) Plus a little bit of walking. However I had an accident last September (You can read about it on View From The Teapot, should you wish to) which tore ligaments in my knee and ankle. I am less inclined to do the walking I did last year. Still, with Mr FD nagging me, and with My Fitness Pal giving me extra calories for my exercise, and with my doctor gently telling me that one of the reasons my knee hasn't healed is because it's carrying far too much weight, I maybe will be encouraged to get off my fat blogging arse and do something!!!

So. That's me. Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner...and I hope you'll join me on the journey!


  1. Go Dormouse! Happy to be sharing your weight loss journey. I am not far behind you in weight terms, but I am at least half a foot shorter. Oops!

  2. This was about the same time as I decided to lose weight. Even thinking about resolutions as early as 1st jan is too much for me. I snuck in HFW's 'diet' into our River Bloggage blog and am trying (vaguely!) to keep to that idea and even calorie counting River Cottage recipes. Good luck to you - I have followed you too!!! Stella


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