So here are this week's menus.
My breakfast, if I'm working, is porridge made with water and a splash of milk, plus 1/2 tbsp golden syrup. I have orange juice (one of my 5-a-day) plus a Danacol cholesterol reducing yoghurt.  If I'm not working I usually go for two slices of toast with 2 Laughing Cow triangles, plus juice & yoghurt.
My lunches usually consist of 2 small sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, soup (if I've made some), a "peach pot" (plastic pot of chopped peaches in juice), 4 mini jaffa cakes and an apple. (three of my 5-a-day) This comes out round about the 350 - 400 calorie mark, depending on the sandwich filling, and the soup.
 And then dinner... I try to keep this a good Slimming World recipe. If I've got spare calories I'll have a 0% fat yoghurt, and maybe a chocolate finger for pudding. At the weekends (and into the week, if we've not finished the bottle!) we'll have a small glass of wine or a small bottle of beer with our meals. 

Generally, I think the most important thing I can do is keep an eye on portion size (we used to eat HUGE amounts!) and think more carefully about the fats that are used. I've got an olive oil sprayer, which delivers a fine mist of oil, rather than a heavy-handed glug; I spread my grease thinly on bread (or not at all if I'm having something with mayo or soft cheese) instead of taking half-a-pound on my knife! And, of course, (whisper it gently) Exercise! 

Anyway: here they are:
WEDNESDAY: Chicken liver paté sandwich etc/ Spicy Indian Grilled chicken, naan bread (1 between us), cucumber raita and tomato-and-onion salad.
THURSDAY: Chicken liver paté sandwich etc. / Tian (a courgette & rice dish) plus cold roast pork.
FRIDAY: Laughing Cow & cucumber sandwich etc. / Salmon & brocolli bake, with salad
SATURDAY: Soup, french bread & 28g melted cheese / Burgers (no bun), SW chips and salad (including home made coleslaw)
SUNDAYSoup, french bread & ham / Beef casserole, veggies, and mashed potato
MONDAY: Laughing Cow & cucumber sandwich etc. / Jacket potato with Oriental Chicken topping, salad (or veggies)
TUESDAY: Egg mayo sandwich (Miam, Miam!) etc / Pasta with spinach & ham.

I'll continue to post recipes, but if there's any you particularly want then just let me know. Keep going, folks!


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