Situation Critical!!!!

I'm sure other people must have the same problem...

You know how teaspoons always disappear - you start the week with a complete set (and maybe extra) but somehow they just vanish into thin air. Well, I've solved the mystery.

They transform into plastic boxes!!!!!

The situation in our plastic box drawer has reached Critical Mass!

 I can't fit any others in. I suspect too that it's going to be a frustrating job trying to find the appropriate lid for each box too. I will obviously have to do lots of batch cooking for the freezer to fill up all the boxes and transfer them to another place! (Although there's not actually that much room in the freezer as we brought an inordinately large number of naan breads back from the UK, which are now nestling in the freezer drawers! )

Otherwise, apart from being a bit chilly (it was -16° on Thursday, which I know is mere peanuts to some, but is pretty chilly to us!) we're all fine. I haven't planned next week's meals yet, but I do know we're out on Friday at a Burns Night supper. I've never been to one before, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Apparently, through my father's maternal family, I am entitled to wear the MacLeish family tartan 

Possibly a bit too late to have a kilt made up in it! Maybe next year.

If I can I'll pop in tomorrow to update the menus - but it's the Church AGM, so that's likely to take forever! We will see.

And just before I go, can I ask for your help?
I need to make an impoirtant decision, and I'm asking my blog readers to help me - please go to the Teapot to see how you can help me.



  1. Hi Mouse! Our son is having a big Burn's night supper tonight with 25-30 guests. Kilts are encouraged and he has several. Fun!

  2. And I thought all the missing socks transformed into tupperware lids? ;-)

  3. MacLeish makes me think of the series Monarch of the Glen. Have you ever watched it?


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