Flying fur.

Hey-ho! Life with Jasper is getting a bit more violent. We've had some very nasty spats between him and the other cats recently - fur literally flying! I am going to book him in to have him castrated next week, but I think the hormones will still be "in the air" for a while. He is having time-out at the moment, having viciously got Bib cornered in the kitchen.Noone seems much worse for wear, though Jasper has a bit of a bloody nose from Bib's not unsubstantial claws!

Food this week is:
YESTERDAY: Pork, mushroom, leek and apple casserole, with mash & carrots.

TODAY: Mary Berry Speedy lasagne - I really like this recipe, and I think I prefer it to traditional lasagne.

WEDNESDAY: The rest of the casserole, with baked potato.

THURSDAY: Vegetable risotto with crumbled feta. I don't have a recipe for this, so will just make it up.

FRIDAY: Turkey pepper pasta bake. I'm not using turkey mince, but turkey fillet, having got 750g for half price when shopping. I divided it into three portions, and froze it (as it was short date). I'll use 1 portion for the pasta bake.

SATURDAY: It was going to be Thai fishcakes, but Super U had very little choice in the white fish area. A couple of types I've never heard of, and panga. I avoid panga like the plague - not only does it taste of very little, but I read somewhere that it's actually not great for the environment
I ended up buying some meat that was reduced to 30% and freezing that for Saturday. I will decide what to do with it later.

Is that Lemon...? Dover? It's as tasty as panga!

SUNDAY: Something from the freezer. TBH I don't know what's in there so this will make me go and look! I may even do an inventory.

I must dash. I've just remembered that I've not watched the TED talk that my next lesson is based on (the student chose it) I'd better go.


  1. I love Mary Berry! I'm in the middle of watching reruns of The Great British Bake Off. If there is one show I would love to see on DVD, it's that one.

  2. I hope the cat battles don't rattle your nerves too much, Mouse!

  3. I hope Jasper soon calms down after his trip to the vets. Jx

  4. I LOVE Risotto! We had butternut squash risotto on Friday night! xx


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