Running to Catch Up!

 I wrote this on Wednesday, but half way through the computer decided to start playing Silly Beggars, and I ran out of time before I needed to leave for Roanne! So here is last Wednesday's news:

Hello Peeps!

Goodness me! Where does the time go?! I had all good intentions of writing a couple of blog posts this weekend, but here I am, three days later with nothing written!

On Saturday I went for a walk with a friend, her daughter and her dog, Marvin. It was cold but enjoyable. I took a long time to thaw out afterwards. On Sunday, I went to church as usual, in the morning, but then had a surprise invitation to lunch with the Rector after church. Two other people were going, so I joined them - it was very enjoyable, but I didn't get home till 6 pm! Poor Mr FD had been left alone all day!

My Wednesday morning student cancelled, so I have a little extra time today, which is why I'm writing this. I do have to go to Roanne earlier than I would though as I want to deliver some cat food and blankets (if I can find them!) to the SPA cat shelter. I also need to leave a "Chat Trouvé" poster, regarding Jasper-boy, just in case his owner is looking for him. There are posters at the Mairie, the Vet, and near where he was found, as well as in the little supermarket and the boulangerie, so if his owners are in the village they should see one of them. We've also put adverts on a couple of Lost Animal sites, so we imagine they might look there - if they care! Of course, he might have just been dumped, or shut out when they went away over Christmas, in which case they don't deserve to have him back! If we have had no responses by the end of January, then we're going to say that he's ours, and have him castrated!

Food this week isn't very inspiring (although last night's stuffed peppers with rice, mushrooms & feta cheese were very nice!) but on Friday evening our friends from across the square are coming for dinner. I'm doing a quick smoked salmon paté (smoked salmon bits, whizzed up with herb-and-garlic cream cheese) and salad to start. I can prepare that on Thursday evening. The main course is a Hairy Dieter's recipe: Spanish Style Chicken Bake which basically involves throwing everything into a roasting tion and letting it cook! Not too ,much effort when we get home from work on Friday!

We have saved some of the stilton & cheddar that we brought back from the UK, for the cheese course (plus a couple of French cheeses) and then a very quick cheats' banoffi dessert:

Crumble 4 chocolate chip muffins, and mix with a little melted butter. Chop 2 bananas and mix in. Divide between 4 buttered ramekins or a baking dish. Cover with foil and put in oven (180°) for about 15 minutes to warm through.
Put 50g light brown sugar, 50g butter and 75ml of double cream into a pan, plus some vanilla. Gently heat until thesugar dissolves. Pour the sauce over the muffin mix & serve warm with ice cream.

And there the post ends.

As it is now Saturday, I can tell you that Monique & Michel declared everything as "delicious". The dessert was nice, but certainly not very elegant! Mr FD thought it would be better to caramelise the sugar/butter before adding the cream - I'm not sure it really made a difference to be honest. I think it would make a nice quick dessert for a family, but ity wasn't "dinner party" dessert....however, M&M aren't really "dinner party" people, so that's OK! We had it with vanilla & Macademia nut ice cream which was lovely. Or maybe you could add some nuts to the muffin mix instead.

Today we are going to visit our friend who lives near St Etienne - she used to live in the village, but moved after her husband, Paul, died. It will be lovely to see her, but I'm afraid I'm going to be the bearer of bad news...

You see, I was casually reading the local newspaper (local to us, not Danièle, now) and was reading an article about two old people who had died, in a rather horrible car crash (the car left the motorway, rolled over two or three timers then burst into flames)  Then near the end of the article their names were mentioned, and - to my horror - I realised that I had known them. They were members of the church that Danièle & I used to attend, such lovely, kind people. It was a real shock, and I feel that I need to tell Danièle. But it's not a very nice thing to have to tell someone. If you are of a praying nature, please remember the family of Olivier and Renée.

Thank you, once again for all your lovely comments. I do appreciate them.

Much hilarity from Jan and Sandra over a LolCat - I recognised the cat's pain!
I will be visiting Jan's new blog so maybe you can too. 

Sandra - the pork & mushroom casserole was very nice. And really easy too. I suggest you try it.

PomPom - Jasper is settling in, althopugh there are still battles. Millie, however, is rather terrified of him, and spends a lot of time skulking. She also sits shivering onthe balcony most evenings, rather than come in to sit with us, so we feel a bit guilty over that. It is a shame, because - most of the time - we think Jasper only wants to play,but as she runs away, he chases after her and it all goes pear shaped!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back on blogging tracks now. At least posting once a week. Have a good week, dear friends, and thank you for coming to see me!


  1. Hello Mouse! Aw! I hope Jasper becomes a member of your family. He'd be very happy!
    While I was visiting family up in Washington, Timothy followed Bill around but he is so happy I'm home to spoil him again. It is so fun to spoil him.
    Your quick dessert sounds wonderful to me. I must look at Hairy Bikers again! It's on my iPad.
    Take care, busy bee! Sending heaps of love your way!

  2. Your chicken dish looks delicious. I'm hopeless at making my cooking look presentable so I call it "rustic" in the hopes that I might get away with it! Hope it all works out for the cat- if he stays with you he's going to have a very good billet!

  3. Oh, I do hope Jasper can stay. I can't imagine he'd find a better home! So sorry for the sad news; seems to be more and more of that in everyone's lives....

  4. Sorry, reading backwards to see what I've missed out on. Ahrgh, so sorry to hear about the accident, that is terrible. It is horrid to have to share news like that.

    I hope Jasper can stay.
    Your Spanish chicken sounds so nice, I wish that I could cook it to try!!


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