Food and Cats. What more do you need?!

I posted yesterday with bits & bobs of news, so this really is an update on the menus planned for this week.

TODAY: We're having chilli/harissa lamb with a chickpea & spinach rice. There's a bit of ratatouille left from yesterday, so we'll have that too.

MONDAY: Turkey, vegetable & noodle stirfry. I've got chicory and sugar snap peas that need using up. I'll also throw in mushrooms, pepper , leek and tinned beansprouts. I brought some "Blue Dragon" stir fry sauces back from the UK so I'll use one of them - probably black bean.

TUESDAY: Harissa stuffed peppers - I first found this when I was following the 5:2 eating plan (which, if I'm honest, I probably ought to pick up with, but frankly can't be arsed with - not in winter!!! I feel I need all my calories - although I almost definitely don't!) It's a nice stuffing for peppers, and can be used in other things...

WEDNESDAY: Pasta bake made with the rest of the pepper stuffing, and some chopped tomatoes.

THURSDAY: Soufflés with a veggie sauce. We like soufflés, (similar to quennelles) and they are a nice comfort food. Alison is probably coming for aperos so this is good to prep before she arrives & pop in the oven to do its stuff. If I eat too many apero snacks I can save half my portion & have it for lunch tomorrow!

FRIDAY: Burns Night
(which reminds me of the time we saw "Burns Night" advertised outside a village hall, one Spring day. "It's nowhere near Burns Night" said Mr FD "That's in January!" Then we noticed that the poster had "St John's Ambulmance Brigade" across the top - it was all about dealing with burns, not drinking whiskey and eating haggis!)

SATURDAY: Chorizo One Pot. I will be adding mushrooms, no doubt.

SUNDAY: Thai Chicken & Coriander Coconut Rice
I'm not sure how coriander-y it will be. I doubt very much if I'll find fresh coriander, and although Carrefour sells pots of coriander "purée" I'm not shopping there at the moment. Because of theway my lessons are, Super U is the supermarket that is the most convenient on the day I have time to shop. It's not bad, but doesn't have the choice that the Carrefour hypermarket in Roanne has. In general, that's not a problem, but from time-to-time there's something I'd like that I can't get.

As always, Thank You for your comments. 
POMPOM - perhaps your son can send me (post haste!) one of his kilts! I hope that our Burns Night will be fun! I'm not sure what to expect, so We Shall See. I'm not sure I know what "pot roast" is - is it a piece of meat cooked in liquid? Was yours as delicious as it smelt?

BEVCHEN: TBH the potatoes here aren't that great for baking, unless I can get Agata variety. Size-wise I go with what I can we sometimes have two small ones each! 

JAN: The leek-and-beer quiche was nice. Here's a link to a recipe (but it's in French)

I've been feeding the Poor Cats of the village this weekend - they really are poor cats in this weather. Minus 15° can't be good for them. I hope that they are finding vaguely warm places to curl up. I heat the pasta/fat/meat mixture that I make in the slow cooker (courtesy of the Butcher in the St Just Carrefour) so the fat is quite liquid. I mix a good lot of cat biscuits with boiling stock, so they go a bit mushy. I add an egg to that, and then mix in the hot meat mix and a can of cat fud. They seem to appreciate it! I always fill their water bowl with hot water, and give them a load of biscuits too. Marie-Odile generally feeds them during the week.

I'm also knitting wobbley blankets. I used to send these to Spanish Stray Cats, but the postage was getting too much. Now I try to take one a week to the local Cat Refuge in Roanne - 
I drop it off each week, with a bag of biscuits and some tins of cat food. It's not much, but it's something. I wish I could do more!


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  1. You are a kitty angel indeed!

  2. Pot roast is slowly roasted at a low temp. It used to be cheaper than a sirloin roast but now they are more expensive. Onions and salt, a bit of water in a Dutch oven, and over five hours at 250 degrees works best. Delicious!

  3. That's good of you to feed the poor cats. Your menus sound great.I laughed over the Burns night confusion!! Speaking of which, I know you like unusual flavoured crisps so I thought I should tell you of the Haggis and whisky flavoured Mackies if Scotland crisps I have left in my Scottish colleague's pigeonhole at work

  4. Minus 15! Brrrr... poor kitties! Hopefully they're curled up together sharing body heat. I always feel sorry for the birds in this weather. They're so small and defenceless!

  5. My pampered house cat (Thomas) is currently wrapped round some hot water pipes. He would be appalled to even think of sleeping outside in -15 degrees. You are definitely a guardian angel to those strays!! Jx

  6. I love your meal planning! We SO should do this more as we are hopeless!!

  7. I agree. I want to start using Nori for more than just sushi. I saw someone make a seaweed soup on YouTube and it looked pretty dang tasty!please check outBossy Flossie


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