Welcomes, food and spelling mistzakes

Hello, hello dear Peeps! This blog post comes to you courtesy of Mr FD. You see, I knew that my two jobs for the weekend - my turn, so no complaining! - were to clear, sort & dispose of the recycling, and clear, clean & replace the litter in 6 distinctly whiffy cat trays. I get home from church to find dear, dear, DEAR Mr FD had done both jobs! Sadly he hadn't done my ironing too, but I think that vwould be taking husbandly devotion too far!

So I have a window of time to post here. Huzzah!

So I have to say a big, Fat Dormouse WELCOME to my newest Follower, Pam, from A New Life In Wales. We are swap partners in The Twelve Days of Christmas blog swap. So she will be stalking me, and I her! For information, Pam, there's another of my blogs over at The View from the Teapot.

My Followers list says I have 131 Followers, but I don't have anyone between Vintage Maison, who I welcomed as my 129th Follower and Pam, who is my 131st. So if you've snuck in and I've not welcomed you personally, I do apologise.

Life is very hectic, but I'm remarkably grateful for the work - I have 8 groups of 3 students, all of whom are jolly and motivated. I had a terrible time settling in, as I had to keep trying to find spaces to fit people who couldn't come to planned lessons. One group got changed from one time to another andf back again. They were most miffed and a bit grumpy, but I bought chocolate to apologise and I grovelled lots. I think I've been forgiven! And now it has been agreed that I no longer have to tie myself in knots to find extra spaces for those who miss lessons. If they can't come, tant pis!

On Thursday I'm off to Paris for the Episcopal Church in Europe's Convention - I'm lay representative for Church. I'm rather nervous, but hopefully it will be interesting & rewarding. I thought I was going to be leaving on Wednesday, but it's now Thursday: I'd cancelled my private lessons already, so rather than reinstate them, I decided to keep them cancelled. That gives me an extra day to get planning sorted for the following week.

I went for a walk with friend Alison yesterday - really warm! I went out in a thick jumper but soon took it off. It was nice to catch up and have a natter. (Disclaimer: this is not ther wxalk we did. I've shown you this photo before.)

Anyhoo...Food for this week.
YESTERDAY: fish pie, with a breadcrumb topping from my disastrous bread making exploits. Not good bread, but fab breadcrumbs, coming out really crunchy!

TODAY: Fruity Turkey Tagine

MONDAY: Pasta, meatballs and pasta sauce. I'm afraid I have bought the meatballs and thepasta sauce, but Mr FD will jazz it up with some fresh(ish) veggies. It's an aubergine sauce, and there's half an aubergine to use up.

TUESDAY: Turkey tagine again.

WEDNESDAY: I wasn't expecting to be cooking today! I was due to be in Paris!! We have some Kangaroo steaks in the freezer, so I think I'll make a Kangaroo Stroganoff.

 It's not snowing yet, but I have started to disinter my winter clothes.

Then Mr FD is on his own until next Sunday evening. I think he'll mostly be eating out of the freezer, but he does have a calves liver meal planned...It's something I loathe, and won't cook, so it's his special treat when I'm not here. I suspect there might be a visit to the pizza van on Saturday evening too!

As ever thank you for your comments.

MICHELLE: the curry was lovely! Mr FD is actually a very good cook, but I do try mostly to make it easy for him, as he has been, working most days too.

KEZZIE & JAN both expressed their thoughts on "real life" getting in the way of blogging & wished me well in my busy-ness.

JEAN - I thought I had missed your blogging. I hope you're okay too, and just busy enjoying life!

POMPOM mentioned my cards - from the 40 or so I'd made, I sold just under 30! I'll have tro make some more I think (Lord knows when!) Enjoy the grand-kitten! What day are you round this week? (Just so I know to set an extra place!)

KEZZIE: Did you enjoy the last two week's Doctor Whos? I thought they were very creepy, and I'm not totally sure I understood everything that was going on, but never mind!!

JO: the Sausage Bake-y thing was good! Mr FD threw a few extra things in too, which added to the flavour. How's the knitting getting on?! (Mine has ground to a halt as every time I get out the wool and needles I have to fight off the kittens!)

JULES: I'm glad you like the blog - are you my mysterious 130th Follower?!

Well, I'd better go and do my ironing.

Please forgive any speeling mistakes. My new keyboatd is smaller than my last one, and while the keys are the samle size (I assume!) I seem to hit neighbouring keys more oftenh than I used to, which givres some weird spellinbg patternsd. (That was a demonstration!)


  1. It could well be me! You are certainly on my blog list now anyway. My spelling mistakes can be awful. I'm always using my phone to type and it's TINY. X

  2. Hello friend!
    This week I will just meet you in Paris. We can have a coffee.
    The grand kitty is so dear. I love to kiss her smooth little face.

  3. I really enjoyed it though I was sad the Scottish girl died! She'd be a good companion! Hope you have a fabuloso time in Pareeee!x

  4. Ooh, 129th! Love the cat piccies. x

  5. The exchange you are participating in sound like fun! If I had known about it sooner I would have played. Enjoy Paris!


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