Wake Me Up On Friday!

Oooh look! Two new followers. How lovely. I will give you a proper welcome next time but for now: Hello!!!

 This is a really quick post to say I haven't gone off anywhere and I'm fine but that last weekend was VERY busy and next weekend might be the same. During the week I won't have much blogging time either, so I apologise for Bloggy Silence!

Mr FD made a lovely curry tonight - one pot potato and mushroom curry. He's cooking more as I'm out later working more. Honey-mustard chicken tomorrow (from yesterday's dinner) Yummy! Cooked in the slow cooker on Sunday; ding cuisine tomorrow.


  1. That curry does sound lovely – even lovelier that your husband is stepping up to the stove!

  2. It's really hard to find the time to blog, work and keep up with 'real life'. I hope that everything is OK. Jx

  3. Food sounds good. I have not blogged since August the move has been more than I was expecting.


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