Hello! I'm here!

But last week I was here
at the American Cathedral in Paris (They'd turned the lights out by the time I got round to taking the photo!) Here's a photo of it in the light:

(from "Celebrity Bride Guide" no less!)

It was a good convention, at times interesting, at times challenging, at times moving, and at times very boring! We ate well (more about that at a later date) and we talked a lot. I'm still trying to find time to arrange my thoughts about what the keynote speaker talked about, but I will post them on The View when I've managed it. I met some interesting people and deepened a friendship with one of the guys from church, who was another lay delegate there. 

This is Nick - as fun, open and jolly as he looks. We spent most of the time together, giggling and chatting!

Here I am looking rather shiny on the first day. The notice round my neck does not say "Please look after this Bear"!

This rather lovely little statue is in the coutyard of the cathedral. "A little child shall lead them"

A good time, which has helped to move me on a little in my journey of faith - I have at last been told what's happening vis-à-vis my Licence, and there's an interesting sounding course that I heard about in April. Things is happening!


  1. That is a lovely photo of you, my mouse friend! I liked the cathedral shots. I have been reading a book about Elizabeth Goudge and she lived close to some cathedrals.
    I'm glad you're home. What's for dinner?

  2. What an impressive interior! I'm glad you had a great time in Paris and had a chance to deepen a friendship. I liked your Paddington comment and youve given me a super brooch idea!!!x


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