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Mary Callan (from A British Mum's Kitchen) thinks the aubergine and tomato pasta looks good...well, we shall see! I'll report back on it later! Nice of you to join us, Mary! There are some lovely sounding recipes on your pages too.

Mags commented on the picture of the Mad Hatter stuffing theDormouse in the teapot. Poor Dormouse!! (Maybe they are helping him get ready for hibernation!!)
Trish, PomPom and Chrissie left kind comments about my cards...I rather liked them - and will have to send them to cat lovers this Christmas. I must get on with wrapping the final presents (FINALLY found something for my BiL!) and writing cards. I'm not sending many this year, but - as I like receiving cards - I assume other people do too!

Angela, Elizabeth D and Mags commented on my "Food & Drink" post. As I said we had the duck - not as good as I remembered - and the Mozzarella Penne Pasta dish needed something more - some chorizo, perhaps, or some bacon. It was okay, but, a bit "meh". As Elizabeth said, cookery programmes are different now: there always needs to be an "angle"...I think they tried to bring back the Food & Drink format, with Michel Roux jnr (he of the twinkly brown eyes) but it wasn't very successful

On my rather rushed post, Mags, PomPom and Kezzie wished me to have some time to myself. Well, this week isn't quite as hectic, so Thank You, ladies! I can breathe again now.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was nice. My friend Danièle really enjoyed the service, saying it reminded her of Church services when she was in England, and she wants to come again. It took us quite some time (and several loops of Clermont's one way system!) to find the school where the meal was being held, but we got there in the end. We shared a dining table with a lovely English couple and we chatted over a bottle of wine, and our meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, puréed pumpkin, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. Delicious!! I sampled several desserts, including pumpkin pie, brownie and pecan pie. All in all, a lovely day.

Mags & Kezzie remarked on the wonderfulness of Doctor Who. I agree, & we finally watched The Day of the Doctor (on the computer, as our satellite dish isn't behaving itself) on Saturday. Wonderful, wonderful!! I must watch it again soon!

Marigold Jam, Pompom and Mags sent warm wishes when we had the power cuts. Unfortunately the on-off-on-off-ness of the power cuts meant that the "candle" on our granule burner is kaput, so we are waiting for a new one and the fitter of the new candle to arrive. So we are relyiçng on expensive electric heaters, microwave slippers and the downstairs wood fire (which desseminates some heat through the whole house) to keep us warm. And blankets, slankets and cats, of course!!

Pompom and Mags both sounded rapturous over the Lemon Pudding recipe - have you tried it yet?

My planned "White Queen" fest came to naught in the end. Mr FD drove down to St Etienne on Wednesday evening, planning to avoid the forecast snow and to be in the right place for his course. I settled down with a glass of wine to watch episode 1. Fine so far...Half way through, the phone rang and it was Mr FD's tutor saying that the course had been cancelled for Thursday, due to the forecast snow. So I rang Mr FD, and told him to come home again. He arrived home about 25 minutes into Episode 2. Sigh. I will watch it sometime!!

I think I'll read the book again, as well.

Jane & Chris remarked on knowing what snow felt like - I should think they do, way up in the wilds of North America! I'm not sure I'd like to live where there is permanent snow for the entire winter - but I guess if yiou're used to it and prepared for it, then it's not too bad! It's mostly melted now, I'm happy to say, but I think there's more to come!!

Lots of lovely comments on the cat post - lots of my dear readers and commenters are obviously cat lovers (Bib has just joined me to explore my desk, play with pens, sit on my notes and get in the way of the computer screen - but all the time she is purring very loudly!)

Thank you everybody for your lovely comments. I enjoy blogging, but I think I enjoy reading people's comments even more! I'm sorry when I'm not good at replying to your comments OR commenting on your blog. I will try harder.


  1. Oh, I wish someone would make me some lemon pudding. We have lots of snow and very cold temps. Stay warm and cozy, Mouse!


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