A teeth gritted Pause on Christmas Eve

Teeth gritted because the wibsite has decided to play silly buggers, & is refusing to connect, so I can't post my promised Christmas Eve poem over there.

So, here will have to do...Mybe some of the Teapot readers also read over here too, so will be able to read this beautiful, heart wrenching Christmas poem by Dorothy Parker:

Prayer for a New Mother
Dorothy Parker

The things she knew, let her forget again-
 The voices in the sky, the fear, the cold,
The gaping shepherds, and the queer old men
 Piling their clumsy gifts of foreign gold.

Let her have laughter with her little one;
 Teach her the endless, tuneless songs to sing,
Grant her her right to whisper to her son
 The foolish names one dare not call a king.

Keep from her dreams the rumble of a crowd,
 The smell of rough-cut wood, the trail of red,
The thick and chilly whiteness of the shroud
 That wraps the strange new body of the dead.

Ah, let her go, kind Lord, where mothers go
 And boast his pretty words and ways, and plan
The proud and happy years that they shall know
 Together, when her son is grown a man. 



  1. Beautiful. Goose-bump inducing. Thank you, dear Mouse.
    I LOVE my tea package! YOU are so dear! I feel very rich in tea! It's been so busy and I'm not sure if things are going to calm down any time soon, so I so appreciate being thought of by my sweet English friend who lives in France, so far away but so close in my heart. (BIG HUG!) THANK YOU!

  2. I did not know this poem. It is very moving. thanks xx

  3. I'm not a religious person in any way (and in fact forever feel hypocritical in celebrating the Big Day but it's very hard to get off the Christmas frenzy treadmill) but I totally get that poem and it is indeed very moving and could relate to all mothers really in it's simplistic way. Have a wonderful Festive Season Lovely Dormouse.

  4. Any mother would empathise with those words - I'd never heard this before so thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy your Christmas.


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