This week (or is it next week?) as we go along

So I thought, I'd say how things were going...
Sunday's turkey roasting joint was fine.So that I could rub/pour the marinade over it, I took off the little net thing that was holding it together, which unfortunately meant it fell apart into two lumps of meat. Not very pretty to look at, but quite tasty. I used the marinade (cooked) in a tomato based sauce, and we had the meal with chips and broccoli.
At the same time I made meatloaf, oaty/apple biscuits, apple crumble and a dish of faggots (which have gone in the freezer), so I used the oven to its full advantage. For the faggots, I used some of the meatloaf mixture, stretched with breadcrumbs, oats and grated carrots. 
This isn't my oven; it belongs to this person but it illustrates my full oven quite well!

Monday was meatloaf night, with pasta mixed in a tomatoey vegetable sauce. The meatloaf was delicious. We have it planned for another meal too. I think it might just make sandwiches, if we slice it thinly enough.
                                                             Sorry! Wrong Meatloaf!!!

Tonight (Tuesday) was going to be turkey again, BUT a couple of weeks back I bought some cheesy sauce puff thingies to have for lunch. We haven't had them, and they've reached their sellby date. So I'm going to bake them tonight with jacket potatoes, to have with salad for dinner. 
We'll have the turkey tomorrow (Wednesday) with salad, and abandon the Puttanesca pasta planned for Thursday (It uses store cupboard ingredients so I didn't buy anything special for that. It can easily be transferred to another week.)
Thursday now ...I actually made a mushroom sauce to have with the turkey; we ate it with rice and sweetcorn. Meatloaf tonight with sautéed potatoes and salads. Yum!
Friday we had spinach & ricotta tart, as planned. Mr D didn't have too much, as he'd eaten out at lunchtime, but I had mine with green bean salad and a baked sweet potato.
Saturday's imam wotsit, falafels and tzatziki was fab. Loads of it and very delicious. I jazzed up the flafels with a bit of cayenne pepper, and used the end of a tin of ratatouille in the aubergine dish, but it really was yummy. Definitely a make-again.


  1. You are so organized!! I must try and learn from you - i just wing it - and then it's quite often disaster!!
    Mary x

  2. There is a letter to you posted on my blog today. Thank you very much.

    (with a burned tongue)

  3. Ohhh I do like a bit of meatloaf......both kinds.
    Thanks for the blog visit.
    x x x x


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