Delicious soup: Ginger-Carrot soup

I don't always post recipes, but this is a delicious one. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, so here is my take on the recipe that I was given.

2 tbsp olive oil
2 sweet potatoes, peeled & chopped
2 onions, chopped
about 500g carrots, but it's not a definite quantity. Chopped. Peeled if you wish
2" piece of fresh ginger (or in my case, ginger that's been hanging round in the fridge for about 5 weeks...), peeled &chopped
Chicken stock, about 1 litre, but a bit more/less depending on the thickness
A good splash of orange juice.

Sweat onions in oil for about 5 minutes.
Add sweet potatoes, ginger and carrots. Then add stock & seasoning.
Boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes.
Zuzz until smooth. Add orange juice and more stock/water if it all looks a bit thick.


  1. OK, I am making this. If not today, this week. I have to get a couple of sweet potatoes. Have no idea what 500 g of carrots equates to in US terms, but I'll just throw a few in. Yum.

  2. Hi Mouse! It sounds good! I think I might try it! I have been enjoying rabbit foods lately!

  3. sounds very nice - I like ginger in things so will keep this recipe for next time I have too many carrots to use up. thanks.


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