First of all, Catching Up on last week

I'm sorry I didn't comment on last week's menus as the week progressed. I'm getting very lax about doing this, and I do hope nobody is getting upset about it! Highly unlikely, I would imagine!
The veggie lasagne on Monday was okay, but not amongst my best. The sauce was a bit claggy and it all felt very heavy. Still, it fed us both on Monday, and Mr FD on Wednesday, when I was elsewhere.
On Tuesday, I felt very lazy. And I didn't fancy the ham linguine that had been planned. So I cooked up some pasta, fried some courgette and onion and used the tub of caincaillotte that I'd bought on impulse, to make a macaroni and vegetable cheesey bake. I'd bought some merguez sausages too, so we had them. It was a good meal to make as I had to do some preparation for my lessons that evening. I shoved it all in the oven, instructed Mr FD to turn the sausages at regular intervals and went up to my study to work. After an hour, there was a delicious meal waiting for me!
Wednesday was Les Mis night up at Cathy's.There was me, Cathy, Richard, Clare and her three children, Maxim, Joseph and Alyssia. Jean was there for a bit, but then went home (next door) to make a phone call, which lasted so long, he decided he'd missed too much and went to bed!!  I stuffed myself on cheese-and-ham crepes and then banana-and-nutella crepes. Lovely.
The DVD of the concert version of Les Mis was very good. It's not a musical I know well, as I was more a Phantom of the Opera girl (I saw it about 5 times when we lived in the UK) but I can certainly see the attraction. On this site, there's a link to the YouTube of Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean singing "Bring Him Home"...Very moving. And on a purely carnal level (!!!) very good looking
(though a bit on the short side for me!)
Thursday saw us eating vegetable soup and bread with Cathy, as we'd been out to Clermont Ferrand to see "My Week with Marilyn".
 I had a 2 hour lesson, so to make it worth the petrol, we went and spent more money having lunch and going to the cinema!!! It was an excellent film, which we really enjoyed (save for the whispering girls on the row behind us. Paddington hard stares didn't work, nor did Mr FD's hissed "shut the f*** up!" (Oh! Mr FD!!!!) )
Friday saw two aubergines languishing in the fridge, and me with no inclination to stuff them. So I made an aubergine gratin, with layers of aubergine, mushroom and onion, and a jar of pasta sauce. I shredded some ham and put mozzarella on the top. We had this with some slightly dead asparagus that Gilles-from-Shopi had given us.
Saturday was Gilles-from-Shopi's birthday (see my other blog for details of card and gift) and he took us out to a restaurant in Roanne.  

Here you can see the menus we chose from - I had the 19€ one, which was very good value, I think. I had the tatin of boudin noir, followed by the lamb. Absolutely delicious! I certainly don't need breakfast today - but I probably need a brisk walk!
And so now onto next week's plans...


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