Happy Easter!

A good start! I'd written a few lines and somehow (I was looking at the keyboard not the screen) I pressed the wrong key, there was an ominous "bonk" sound and I looked up to find that Blogger had dissappeared and I was on a different web page altogether. How did that happen? No idea!

I was apologising for my lack of commitment to this blog - I've not updated all week due to getting home later than usual. I can check other people's blogs using Tabby (my tablet) but, although I can use it to blog, the keyboard isn't very condisive to typing very much.


 here's a cute rabbit picture to say Happy Easter, and

to remind us all why we have cute bunnies in the first place.

We've just had a lovely Easter lunch with two friends. We started with a salmon and asparagus starter. We'd had this when we went to other friends' for lunch, and it seemed perfect for an Easter celebration. We then had roast chicken, gratin dauphinoise, broccoli, roast vegetables, hasselback potatoes (again!) and a spinach/feta/pinenut/puff pastry combo for the vegetarian. We finished with pannacotta
I don't really know quite what the menus will be this week, but as we've got a lot of leftovers, I suspect they'll consist of
one meal of cold chicken, gratin dauphinoise, and broccoli
one meal of salmon and asparagus, probably with a baked potato
one meal of spinach/feta etc combo. Possibly with salad.
one meal of something made with roast vegetables, probably (possibly?) a veggie lasagne
Chicken soup for lunch. Twice. At least. With cheese (as there was a lot of uneaten cheese board)
Just to correct my dear Commenter's idea - the cheese wasn't in the soup. It was on sandwiches eaten WITH the soup...however, thinking about it, cheese IN the soup mightn't be a bad idea. I love parmesan on my minestrone, and cheesy croutons in onion soup, so why not in other soups too? I know chefs recommend throwing the tail ends of parmesan into soups to give them "depth"
"The something made with roast vegetables" went into the freezer for next week, but we had River Cottage Patatas Bravas plus a Bean & Artichoke dip on Thursday, and a pasta and readymade (but jazzed up a bit with extra veggies) sauce on Friday

That takes us to Friday. I'll be shopping on Wednesday; so I'll think later about the following few days, but I might go for easy no-brainer options, like sausages etc.

I'm sorry this is shorter than usual. I've had a tad too much wine at lunch to be too erudite!


  1. your menus sound delicious...especially soup with cheese

    I have been eating canned creamed soups a lot for lunch; it would be better if I added some cheese, huh?


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