Still growling...

I'm still growling and swearing, as my back is still not "right". I was "hors combat" for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I probably could have worked on Wednesday, but foir the fact it wasn't an ordinary drive-there-stay-there-drive-home day. On Wednesday I drive to lots of different homes, and am getting in and out of the car a lot. I thought it prudent to stay home.

On Thursday I drove to Montbrison - the drive was okay, but the walk from the carpark was v-e-r-y s-l-o-w. Especially as I had my work bag, my lunch bag, and my computer bag to carry. But I was finding I could move a tad more freely.  Although that's relative, as I was moving like I had a broomstick down my trousers!

On Good Friday I visited a friend who is going through a tough time - he has his own business, and is waiting for a payment of some 18,000€ to come, but which is being disputed. Meanwhile, he has no money, and very little food. I took a bag of groceries and a couple of homecooked meals too. I went on to Clermont, to the language school where I work, as I had questions on the Terrible Paperwork (the ongoing saga, n'est-ce-pas?!). I had planned to walk into the city centre to buy Mr FD an Easter egg, but there was no way I was up to the 15 minute walk. Instead, he had to make do with some chocklit from the Bio shop round the corner.

Then there was the Good Friday service - this was a joint service with the Eglise Reformée, just round the corner from ILS, so I didn't have far to walk. We'd had the start time announced as 7.30, but the E.R. had announced it as 8.00, so we were hanging around a bit. One of the congregation, Lee, saw that I was stiff as a board, and promised to bring me something on Sunday to help. The service was okay - but I found it a bit hard to get fully involved (even though I was doing a reading).

On Saturday, I'd loosened a tiny bit more - the broomstick was still there, but just a little more flexible! I was able to have a short walk around the village. On Sunday, I went to church, and Lee slipped me a little zip-lock bag full of tablets...It looked like he was drug dealing! They were muscle relaxants, which he claimed really helped him. They have been good, I must say. The pain of the back (now settling into sciatica) is still there, but the rest of my body is beter.

It was a good service. I didn't hear the serrmon as I was entertaining a rather hyperactive young child by drawing animals for him to identify,  but the feeling in church was one of joy, contentment and resting in God. The Easter egg hunt went well, with a family from the house next door to church joining in - they had watched the eggs being hidden yesterday, and then again this morning as the kids were hunting for them. So we invited them to join in, and share the booty! Laurie had made delicious cupcakes for coffee time, and it was a good time of Fellowship.

Monday being bank holiday I stayed mostly at my desk, with a short walk by the end of which I was feeling in some pain. Mr FD and Friend Alison went on an organised walk but I declined to go. I think he thought I was being wimpy, but even the shortest walk, at 5 km, would have been a stretch.
Yesterday I was working, and managed a walk around the lake at Savigneux (1.6 km) and a stroll around Montbrison, while waiting for my lesson.

Everything was looking up...I was still taking a Diclonofac, plus Lee's magic pills, but I was doing fine.

Then, at stupid o'clock this morning Millie the cat started her scrtatching on the wardrobe. She does this to make sure we're awake, and then she comes onto the bed for a love. Bloody cat. I certainly don't love her after being woken up by scratch-scratch-scratchety-scratch-meeow. To discourage her, I swung out of bed, without thinking, and leapt to my feet, grabbing the water spray en route and then was reminded that I had a bad back! After another hour in bed, I tried moving. I feared from the pain I had put myself back to where I was about a week ago.

When I tried to sit down for breakfast I couldn't believe the pain. I'm afraid it was so bad I blasphemed! Shame face. I called it a prayer, but it was more a cry of despair!  I couldn't believe it. Mr FD insisted I went to the doctor's - it took me several minutes to get downstairs & put my shoes on, and I hobbled across the road and round the corner to the surgery. The recptionist saw my pain, and found me an appointment late on this evening...But, as I walked back home I realised that actually the pain was diminishing again...I feel back to yesterday's pain levels now, but I am still going to go to the doctor, just to check that it's all okay and maybe to get a prescription for some kiné.

We are due to go away on Saturday with the Cycle Club to Fréjus. I want to go - though I won't be doing much, I think. Just some gentle walking, and reading, drawing, and letter writing. I ought to just go to the doctor's though in case I can't go, and we claim on the insurance. This is the holiday vvillage where we're staying:

I guess if the weather is good enough (it's forecast to be round about 22°) I could swim too.

So that's where I am, back-wise. it could be whole lot worse, and at 8.00 this morning I thought it was!! Thankfully, it is improving...


  1. Ouch! I hope you're fully recovered soon.

  2. Oh, prayers for a quick recovery, Mouse! I'm so sorry about your pain!

  3. Back problems are the WORST. So glad it isn't STAYING worst!

  4. Blessed cat! Hope the doc has a magic wand. At any rate, get well soon.


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