Did someone tell them we're here?

Earlier this afternoon there was a bustle of unaccustomed activity for a slightly damp, chilly April Saturday...

Marine Le Penn's supporters rolled into town, and set up shop just outside the house.

Five vans (one out of shot) with posters plastered all over them."100% Front National. 0% Migrants" they proclaimed in capital letters.
"Au nom du peuple" (In the name of the people)
"La liberté - c'est Marine" (Freedom/Liberty - that's Marine)
"La France apaisée" (France appeased)  - I'm not quite sure what that one means.

I wonder if they knew we lived here?!

After about an hour - when I don't think they had much interest in their stand (although I wasn't monitoring it closely) -they went away again.

And the sun came out.


  1. I've seen some reports about the NF's views on Brexit, which I understand to be largely positive. Strange and difficult times we live in.....


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