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Hello Dear Peeps!
I know I usually post my crafty card making exploiuts at The Teapot, but as that's 40 Acts focussed at the moment, I thought I'd post the latest ones over here for a change.

My friend Caireen, who is our Rector's wife, texted me on Friday to ask if I could make some Easter cards for this Sunday. I texted back in the affirmative & asked how many. 12, she replied. Then No, 20 please - if you can. Twenty?! Well, I managed it, but it did take all of Saturday. I had back ache by the time I'd done.

I suppose I could have found one design and stuck to it, but, oh no! That's not my way...

It did mean I found bits of stash I'd forgotten I had - such as wooden rabbits and butterflies:

I used some pretty patterned card from a pack of writing paper, and my Big Shot embosser:

I used a decorated envelope (I'd used the card for soimething else) and calligraphed a message on a paper-craft card from Ikea:

More of the patterned card, plus a ribbon salvaged from a pullover (they are annoying loops, but great for crafting!) I also used the wheelbarrow paper that I was sent in a blogswap once.

Papercraft tags with butterflies on from Ikea -  I'd forgotten I had them! - plus washi tape from Ikea too:

Caireen is from Scotland so a little thistle charm that Monique from the antique shop gave me fits well, ribbon salvaged from a box of chocolates and another papercraft tag:

Two simple ideas filched from t'Internet. I particularly liked the one using raffia. Very simple but effective:

Another idea filched from t'Interweb. The words are from Matthew's gospel. It didn't really work as well as I'd hoped:

The upper card uses lovely antique paper, again sent from a blog swap. I cut the middle out of  an embossed front for this one. The other uses some lovely jolly letters that I got in Noz (I'm running out of vowels in this set now.):

And finally, another papercraft gift tag from Ikea, some buttons that I've had for years and an ICThUS earring -  I lost its pair a long time ago.
So, there you are. Twenty Easter cards. 40€ for Phone Credit for Refugees & Displaced Persons.

And a Fat Dormouse that doesn't want to make cany more cards for a bit, thank you!


  1. These are lovely cards. And good stash-busters too. Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. Well done, those cards are lovely! I hope your effort is appreciated.

  3. Awww really? I was just about to ask you to whip me up 30 or so! Lol
    They are beautiful. You did a great job x x

  4. Awww really? I was just about to ask you to whip me up 30 or so! Lol
    They are beautiful. You did a great job x x

  5. 20 cards in a weekend? Wow, I'm impressed! And they all look amazing.

  6. Beautiful cards! You are so kind. You always go the extra mile!

  7. Really pretty. I love the fact that every one is different. Jx


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