No Doctor, but plenty of food.

Hello again, my Lovelies. I hope you are all well, and full of the joys of Spring (well, almost summer...)

Things are okay here. Mr FD has probably cracked a rib, but, thanks to pain killers of various strengths, prescribed by the doctor on Monday, he is bearing up. He will be able to start work on Monday, but has been frustrated by not being able to cycle. Especially as it's the Cyclo Voyage in a couple of weeks and he wanted to be Riding fit for that. He may not be, but he's at least going out for walks (more than I am!) 

We had an enjoyable time last Sunday - I was preaching in Clermont, then raced home for a quick lunch before we went out toa concert playing at this event:

We were rather over excited as there is a TARDIS on the poster, but there was no music from Doctor Who. However, there was from Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghost Busters and others that I didn't recognise. The music was good, and there were some people in costume, so when the appropriate music was playing, they stood up, and acted out a bit. Darth Vada conducting the orchestra was a high point for many!

Although there was no music from Doctor Who there was a Sister of Plenitude (who was delighted that I had recognised her as such - having looked up the exact name of the order on Google before approaching her to have a little chat!) and a Tenth Doctor in plimmies and long brown mac. After the concert we wandered round the exhibition, where I snuggled up to a Dalek (Mr FD has the photo on his phone. I must get him to send it to me) It was nice to catch up with Pierre too.

Afterwards we drove home and Cathy, Will and Heather came for dinner - asparagus, and Mary Berry lasagne.

This week has been ordinary - still quite busy, but soon things will quieten down a little over summer - thank goodness for Mr FD's job. I finished with one student, and another wants to wait until September to finish his hours. Still, it's nothing new. It is however a little frustrating that I didn't go to the UK to work over the summer so we could take a holiday, and now Mr FD has a job we can't take a holiday!!! 

Football has started. Whoop-de-whoop. Mr FD will be watching quite a lot of it. I will have to find other things to do...which don't involve just staring slack jawed at a computer screen! Tonight there are, apparently, two not-to-be-missed matches. Huzzah!

Appropriate football watching food tonight will be HM pizza - I use a scone base from a Rose Elliot book. It has always done me proud, so we shall enjoy that. There may be a bit of bacon included but it will mostly be vegetables.

My Cholesterol lowering activities are not going too badly. I was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed the soy sausages in sandwiches, and I managed to successfully semi-fast on Monday. The plan was to fast yesterday, but I didn't feel too good, so decided not to. I didn't go mad during the day though, and we enjoyed a chicken with sweet potatoes dish inh the evening. Fruit has certainly featured more heavily in meals this week, which is no bad thing, especially in place of biscuits. I will continue to reduce food intake.

I'm preaching again tomorrow. If you want, you can read my sermon over at The Teapot

This week's menus are planned as follows:
SUNDAY: Nigel Slater's pork in cider, with mashed potato and broccoli. The observant among you may notice the recipe is for chicken in cider, but I have pork steaks in the freezer, so I'm using them.

This is chicken too.

MONDAY: Lemongrass fishcakes with salad. 

TUESDAY: Veggie bean burgers Hairy Dieter style. Made with a mixture of kidney beans & chickpeas.

WEDNESDAY: Pasta Puttanesca. There are many recipes, here is Jamie Oliver's. I think the one I have just uses tinned tomatoes though! Whatever it is, it's quite simple.

THURSDAY: Chorizo and vegetable frittata. If we don't use too much chorizo then this is fine on the cholesterol front. I'm eating fewer eggs now too, but now and again won't hurt.

FRIDAY: Salmon with ginger, chilli sauce, As it's a fast day we'll have broccoli and chicory with this. Possibly a bit of rice.

Next Saturday Pierre is playing in another concert in Lyon - this one is Ska music. As my sister & her husband are staying in Villefranche, not far from Lyon,  for the Northern Ireland group matches (football again!) we are probably going to meet them for a meal, and then go to the concert. I'm not sure how much I like Ska but Pierre is a good player (very versatile, it would seem!) , so we'll just go for a bit of fun. If you don't really know what it is, here's an introductory video:

Thank you, thank you for your comments. They are always really appreciated, especially those who commiserated with Mr FD!

MICHELLE reminds me that exercise is important when thinking about cholesterol busting. Sigh. I know this, really I do, but I azm just SO lazy!

POMPOM - the cod was lovely. I really enjoyed it - but I enjoyed your letter more! Thank you so much! How kind you are.

BEVCHEN - I don't actually eat that much cheese, although I do like it. I suppose I just need to keep being sensible. I like the idea of putting sweet potato into a spinach & chickpea curry too. Miam-miam!


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