Just another bit of fun...

The same FB friend who posted the "Just a bit of Fun" post has just posted this one:

Bucket List - UK version! Please play along.
Put an X if you have done it Honesty the best policy !!!!

Been Married X
Fell in love X
Gone on a blind date
Skipped school
Watched someone give birth
Watched someone die
Been to France X
Ridden in an ambulance
Been to America
Been to Europe X
Been to Blackpool X

Been to Liverpool X
Been to Newcastle X
Visited Disneyland /world
Visited Legoland
Seen Grand Canyon
Flown in a helicopter
Been on a cruise
Served on a jury
Danced in the rain 
Been to Manchester X
Been to Edinburgh X 

Played in a band
Sang karaoke X
Made prank phone calls
Laughed so much you cried X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue X
Had children
Had a pet X

Been sledding on big hill X
Been downhill skiing X
Been water skiing
Rode on a motorcycle
Traveled on a bus, train and coach X
Jumped out of a plane
Been to an outside movie
Rode a camel
Rode a Donkey X
Been on TV X
Been in the newspaper X
Stayed in the Hospital X 

 Donated blood X
Got a piercing
Got a tattoo
Driven over 100 mph (I've been driven at over 100 mph. Does that count?!)

 Been scuba diving

Lived on your own X
Rode in the back of police car
Got a speeding ticket X
Broken a bone
Had stitches X
Travelled Alone X


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