Just a bit of fun!

 One of my Facebook friends posted this...

It's harder than you think.... No using Google!!!! Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer. . Its fun...Who doesn't love a game of Scattergories? Come on! Try it!!!

Name - Alison  
Animal - Narwhal (it's a whale.)

Girls name - Linda
Colour - Aqua

 Movie – A matter of life and death

Something you wear
- Hat
Drink - Tea

Food - Almonds

Item in the bathroom – Shower curtain
Place - New Brighton

Reason to be late – No petrol in the car BECAUSE THE BLOODY FRENCH ARE BLOCKADING THE REFINERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise I only looked on Google for the pictures AFTER I'd completed it! Why couldn't I think of any foods starting with "a"? There must be loads of them!!!


  1. So good you loved it twice!!! :-)

  2. I've seen this on Facebook too. I might give it a go on my blog. First food beginning with A that springs to mind is avocados (I've been eating a lot of them lately!)

    1. I love avocados too. I should have thought about that!


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