Cholesterol Busting. Maybe.

Hello dear Peeps! Good to have you here.

After the happy news of Mr FD Ihave to report the poor man has been injured. We went out to the International evening and enjoyed meat and potato pie, with mushy peas, gravy and HP sauce, followed by English cheeses and scones with cream-and-jam. A good time was had by all, including the two young children who were racing around, popping in and out, and genertally behaving well, but boisterously. As we were leaving, one of them shot out from behind the door, and got entangled in Mr FD's feet. In a valient, and mostly succesful, effort to avoid crushing said infant under his not insubstantial weight,  Mr FD fell awkwardly to the floor. He feared last night that he'd cracked a rib, but thinks now it's just torn muscle. However, despite strong painkillers he is still in considerable pain, poor love.

It was good food, but I think it might have to have been my last "blow out" for a while...

My relationship with food has got to change - from being proud of myself because I'd lowered my cholesterol reading last bloodtest, I had a phone call from the doctor after my most recent test telling me I had to do something about it, as levels of "bad cholesterol" had gone up to a level that one really doesn't want to see.

SO, as I had been fasting when the levels had dropped, I need to go back to 5:2-ing. Boo, hiss. Only "Boo hiss" because I like eating, and dislike feeling hungry. I know it is A Good Thing really. I probably won't completely fast, but certainly will be eating less on Mondays and Fridays.

Other things that have changed: breakfast has gone from toast with cream cheese to a bowl of oat based organic meusli & granola, with added nuts and dried fruit. Still have the Danacol yoghurt, and now adding a slice of melon to my breakfast.

Soya yoghurt has been added to a day's snacking, instead of biscuits. Apparently being naturally low in saturated fat, soya foods help lower cholesterol.    The special proteins in soya also appear to influence how the body regulates cholesterol too.  Studies show you can lower your cholesterol by around 6% by including as little as 15g soya protein per day. Now, 15g is quite a lot, but I'll be at least adding SOME to my diet with my soya yoghurt snack - I found a peach and elderflower flavour that is lovely!

Sandwich lunches also have to change...Still sandwiches, but the fillings are changing. No more Brillat Savarin (boo!) or paté, but tuna, soya sausages or lean chicken. DEFINITELY no crisps, but more veggies to fill up on.

I'm allowing myself one oaty-type biscuit a day (instead of the several chocolatey-type that I was having!) and, if I have an attack of the nibbles, a slice of buckwheat bread (already sliced & in the freezer!) with some jam, but no spread.

Semi-fasting will mean my Danacol and coffee for breakfast, soup & fruit for lunch and then an evening meal.

So menus are (slowly) going to be reverting to the Hairy Dieter/ Slimming World/ 5:2 diet book recipes. I know it's better, but - Sigh.

I also think I need to face the fact that some more exercise might be required too. Not sure about how to fit that in - I suppose peeling my fat arse off the sofa in the early evening and going for a walk might help! There is a road up a steep hill which I could walk up - round trip about 20- 30 minutes (if that!) The steepness adding to the effort required.

So meals (planned before the cholesterol verdict!) this week:
TODAY: Harissa lamb steaks with cous-cous and salad

TOMORROW: A busy day - I'm poreaching in church, then a quick zip home, lunch then over to Lyon to hear a concert of music from sci-fi films etc. (poster includes a TARDIS!!) We're going with Cathy, and two friends who are staying with her. We're all eating back here, so I'll make a Slow Cooker version of Mary Berry's lasagne. 
Because of the quick turnaround, and Mr FD's injury, I'll prep everything today so I can assemble it quickly tomorrow before we go off to Lyon.It's not very cholesterol friendly, but not terrible!

MONDAY: Lemon & thyme cod, green beans and potatoes. And asaparagus.

TUESDAY: Pork with raclette cheese Yes, I know!!! Cheese!!! After all I've been saying about cholesterol! Well, it's only one slice, and I won't have had any cheese for, ooh, at least 4 days! To have with pasta and courgettes.

WEDNESDAY: Oven baked red pepper risotto

THURSDAY: Quick Dijon chicken and pasta

FRIDAY: Spinach & chickpea curry with a small amount of rice.


Thank you for your comments. It's always nice when people say something!!

It's even nicer when people say NICE things! And Lovely Grey, Bevchen and Christine were complimentary about my TARDIS Zentangle Art that I did for Kezzie. 

Michelle, thank you for being understanding about your horse ZIA. It will get done sometime. Not too distant future. 

Did you have pasties, Bevchen? The chicken ones were nice! We had them with baked beans, and peas-carrots-sweetcorn mix. No potatoes as there was quite a lot of pastry. 

Lovely Grey did you try the "Scattergory" thingie? It was harder than I imagined - obviously I have got used to going to Google for everything (Foods beginning with "a": - there are indeed many, including aioli, artichoke, alfafa, allspice, apricot, acorn squash, aspic, aubergine and avocado. Yet I couldn't think of one of them!!!!)

So, see you soon, dear Peeps. Don't forget to hop over to The Teapot as well. Things happen over there too!


  1. You can do this! Yes, exercise will certainly help. As my husband's doctor has told him, exercise is the only thing that will raise GOOD cholesterol. I hope Mr. FD's injury doesn't affect his employment or ability to work!

  2. I like your smart and sensible plan! Poor Mr. FD!
    I sent you a letter!
    I'd like to come for dinner on Monday. The cod looks delish!

  3. Poor Mr FD. I hope he isn't in pain for long. That International Evening meal sounds absolutely amazing!

    The spinach and chickpea curry is similar to one I make, except mine has added sweet potatoes. Saves me having to do rice as well ;-)

    One slice of cheese after 4 days is perfectly fine. Giving up cheese entirely would be impossible! (Hmm, could this be the reason I don't fit in any of my nice dresses?)


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