Losing Followers, Schlosses and Squirrels.

I see I've lost another Follower...Sorry, whoever you were that I didn't quite hold your attention - or maybe you feel I hadn't visited your blog enough. That's true, actually - I probably don't visit some of my followers' blogs very much. I apologise if that's you. I will try to be better at doing so.

I thought I'd show you a few more shots of the Schloss where I was staying for the conference last weekend:

This is the back of the Schloss, from the gardens where we were able to wander, and pause, and chat.

This fountain was always playing - the sound of trickling, tinkling water was lovely.

One of the statues that were scattered around the garden

 A shaded "alley"

A small chapel (sadly locked) in the garden. On Sunday morning, I went for a wander and found myself singing various praise songs here by the chapel. Heavens knows what the ordinary townsfolk of Munich thought as they passed by, walking their dogs in the park just behind me!

I wanted to give a gift to say Thank You to Denise, the main facilitator/speaker at the Conference. She told us a story to illustrate how her personality type can be easily distracted from the details of a project: she had been sitting in the Schloss library a few days before the conference started, mulling over details, when her eye had been caught by one of the many red squirrels that inhabit the trees around. She had no idea what it was - apparently North American squirrels are different - and had got rather excited by this strange beast. All the other organisers were blasé "Oh, yes, it's a squirrel" but she had been delighted by its movements.

So I have zentangled a Red Squirrel as a gift:

I'm quite pleased with it. Not so much with my photography skills. Here's another effort:

 I hope she likes it!

I have finished a zentangle for PomPom - she thought a tree would be nice - which I have sent to her. I'll show you that when she has received it. I have also been working on Kezzie's TARDIS zentangle which is nearly finished too. I need your address though Kezzie - I can't send you a letter if I don't know your address. I'm mulling over Trish's request for a Beatles zentangle - I have an idea, but it's not quite formulated yet.

Does anyone else want a Zentangle drawing for them? All subjects considered! It's nice to have a few projects to be working on! I am considering either trying an Etsy shop, or selling on Facebook perhaps. Has anyone had any experience with that? I have lots of original zentangles just sitting in a folder, with me not knowing what to do with them.

I'll update menus tomorrow. See you then!


  1. What a gorgeous place for the conference!!! I love the outdoors there!!!
    Your squirrel is beautiful!!!! Such an Amazing piece-she must love it!!!! Have emailed you, thanks for reminding me!x

  2. Beautiful zentangle drawing! I once had an etsy shop- I enjoyed doing it. You could always try it out and see if you like selling your work that way. :)

  3. That's a lovely gift, Alison.

    I would love a horse to hang with my ram, if you are still soliciting requests!

  4. This was a really great read, appreciation for taking the time to put it together! Touched on some very good...
    bloom tattoos

  5. I love the squirrel! So cute.
    I had never heard of a zentangle before, so I learned something new today. If you're still taking requests I would love a fox!

  6. That zentangle squirrel is really good! I have my chicken zentangle that you sent me, on display in my room, everyone loves it! :) xx Etsy is worth a try, I have a shop on there (only tiny) but I think if you get recommended by someone, you get 20 free listings...if that is still on? xx


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