Any ideas for an attention grabbing title? No, me neither.*

* Edited To Add: Kezzie has offered the alternative title "Surplice to Requirements" Hah! Thank you Kezzie!

This is a quick post today - I have a lot of ironing to do, including my surplice and cassock.

 My sore throat is developing but it's developing quite slowly so I'm hoping that tomorrow might be okay. So far today I've taken throat syrup, gargled with soluble aspirin, gargled with apple cider vinegar (yuckity-yuck) and drunk a lot of pineapple juice. I also have an antiseptic mouthwash to try gargling with as well. I shall keep up with this to try to keep the infection at bay. Mr FD resorted to the Very Strong Painkillers last night which gave him a bit of respite, and he's in less pain today, although he is suffering with earache now. He's a martyr to the Ear-Nose-Throat department!

I'm relieved to hear that the Very Strong Painkillers work, so I can use them tomorrow if necessary.
(ETA (again) no throaty problerms on Sunday. Huzzah. The event went well.)

Food has not quite been as planned due to not-feeling-like-it. I think today's planned Creamy Chicken Pots -delicious as they sound! - are going to be abandoned for pizza-from-Natasha's-van. The chicken can go in the freezer for another time.

SUNDAY: There's a finger buffet after my re-commisioning service, so I'll probably just have beans on toast in the evening. Mr FD can have something that I find rooting round in the freezer!

MONDAY: I'd planned a frittata, but we had one on Thursday night so that's out. I could do the chicken pots but it's Mr FD's fasting day, so they're not quite appropriate. I think I'll go for Hairy Dieter's Bean burgers with a chicory/orange salad.

TUESDAY: Baked fish with red peppers and tomatoes This is a link to a PDF of some of the recipe book, so you get some other recipes too! You'll need to scroll down to find the fishy recipe.

WEDNESDAY: Slow Cooker lamb stew I won't be worrying about the gluten-free ingredients mentioned though! Thank goodness I don't have to take that into account!

THURSDAY: Chicken & spinach curry This will go in the slow cooker so it's ready to eat when we get home from teaching/shopping on Thursday evening. It will just need fresh spinach adding for a few minutes.

...for your comments 

Michelle and Trish both said they fancied the look of the no-meatballs. I made them and they were very acceptable. I sprayed them with oil and oven baked them, rather than frying them and they were fine. I hope you enjoy them too.

Maggie liked the look of the sausage one-pot. That was good too. I think the extra veggies that I threw in (mushrooms and courgette) helped, as did using merguez sausages. 

Angeljem & Trish both liked the Lolcat I used - I do like Lolcats, although the "cutsie" Lolspeak can be a bit annoying. But I can usually find at least one that fits nicely with the theme.

Thank you for your reassurances regarding blogs, lost followers and oither such nonsense, Kezzie! And Jan , thank you for your good wishes both for my health & for tomorrow.

And so I must trot off and do my ironing, in the company of Kermode & Mayo's Film Review podcast. It always makes the time go quicker!



  1. I do hope your service goes well tomorrow and that you guard off the lurgies. Think positive! I've had an ear nose and throat thing, just have a very rattly cough now, lots of 'stuff' involved but on its way out now.

  2. Ha, I haven't ironed my surplice for years! In FACT, it is still at my old church in the vestry!!!!!
    Yeh, I love the cat pics but the baby talk is a bit annoying!
    I'm really sorry but I read your comment as " Mr Dormouse can have something I find ROTTING in the freezer." I had to go back and read it!x

  3. And re the title: "Surplice to requirements...." ho ho ho!x


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