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Oooooooh! I've lost another Follower. Sorry I wasn't interesting enough, whoever you were. Or maybe there was some disgust that I hadn't blogged in a week - I know I sometimes get frustrated, clicking on a favourite blog and finding it hasn't been updated for a while. No problems there with Ang's blog, somehow she always finds something to blog about every day!!

Today she is blogging about smoking, and a particular brand of cigarette/tobacco, Balkan Sobranie. I won't steal her thunder, you can go and read the post yourself, but I commented on how much I enjoyed the episode of "Call the Midwife" where the doctor's son used reverse psychology to get his dad to give up smoking. As I said, I wish someone had done the same to my father, but back then, it was the few who recognised that smoking was the root cause of so many cancers and chest problems.
Dad used to smoke Gitanes on holiday in France & Switzerland, because we all thought how cosmopolitan and sophisticated they made him look (in his sandals and socks!!), but the rest of the time he was mostly a pipe smoker.
I have also been enjoying this series of "Call the Midwife" because it was in this era that dad was practising as a GP. In Fazakerly, in Liverpool, so not exactly the same area as Poplar, London, but it helps me to imagine some of the things he was dealing with. Mum was the receptionist for a while, as she would not have been alloowed to be a teacher with the children...

I have been blogging every day over at The Teapot, as I am taking part in 40 Acts: 40 acts of generosity during Lent. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep blogging every day, but I'm making the effort at the moment!

This is a clue to what we're having for dinner this evening! One of the Actions for 40 Acts was to shop local - so that's what we're doing!!! I planned to use the pizza van a couple of weeks back, but Natasha wasn't there. Apparently though she was just on holiday, so we're hopeful for this evening. 

SUNDAY: Spicy pork and rice. This is a favourite of mine, to be honest, simple to make, low fat and very tasty. It already has lots of veggies in it so I don't need to add more...although (somehow) we have loads of little gem lettuce, so perhaps I'll make a side salad too. 

MONDAY: Herby lamb and chickpeas....Chickpeas similar to this  but I'm going to add the gremolata ingredients to the chickpeas, and somer spinach too. Lamb similar to this but just done with two chops, not entire racks of the stuff!

TUESDAY: Celeriac cakes and merguez sausages

WEDNESDAY: Vegetarian lasagne. There's no dancing tonight, as it's half term, so I don't need to use the slow cooker. However, the SC has produced a very nice lasagne before now, so I may do it anyway. I'm using a tin of ratatouille as the base for the vegetarian bit of the lasagne. 

THURSDAY: I really don't know. I gave up planning when I got to this point! There's some chicken in the freezer, so I may do something with that. It rather depends on how my teaching pans out this week, but it may be that I'll be shopping and Mr FD will stay at home, so he can do the cooking!

FRIDAY: Again, not sure. I'll probably root round in the freezer to find something. I seem to remember seeing bits of cooked guinea fowl in there,; so I may do a quick-and-easy mostly-vegetable stir fry.

As usual I want to say thank you for your comments...
and what better way than with a cute kitten? 

SANDRA was a bit concerned by Tarot - It isn't initiation into the occult, however, just a rather tricky card game! I think I understand how it is played, but the strategy is beyond me at the moment, particularly as it helps if you can remember which cards have been played. With a deck of 72 cards, rather than 52 this is a bit much for me. I am a Bear of very little brain!

POMPOM missed choosing her dinner last week - what will you have this week, Pompom? 

I hope that my dear Peeps will pop over to the Teapot if they are missing me here. I promise not to push you into the teapot, as ius happening to the poor Dormouse here:


  1. Thank you for the lovely letter, Mouse! I'm going to write right back.
    I will come for lamb and chick peas. Yummy!
    I am hoping for a kitten the next time we order pizza!

  2. hi
    I think you will find that you will lose followers who don't have a Google ID, it is something to do with blogger, so don't take it personally.

  3. I lost another one too, it must be this continuing gfc follower saga!! I must try and make veggies lasagna, I've got some sheets in the cupboard!Xx

  4. Hi Dormouse!! I don't blog very often, it is when I have time and if I have something to say!! I'm having shepherds pie tonight with a sweet potato top, so probably not low fat!! By the way, I'm your swap partner via Creative Chaos 'Share Your Country Swap' so if you have time, pop over to me and let me know how to contact you! :) Regards, Debi -


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