Rushing in...rushing out!

This is a fairly quick post today, but I didn't want people here at Fat Dormouse to feel unloved! I've been posted regularly at The Teapot, as I'm journalling my thoughts about 40 Acts, but I still want to pop in here at least once a week!

I would like to offer a great big fat Dormouse welcome to Jean from A Very Grand Pressigny. Happy you wanted to join us, Jean!

 We went out for dinner yesterday. Mr FD has been doing lots to help some friends set up their TV, and computer and other techie things, so to say Thank You to him, they took us out to dinner. We went to a restaurant not too far from here, called La Murette

It was very nice - I had eggs cooked with lardons and spinach for starter, carbonade for main, and vanilla cream with red fruits and chantilly for dessert. Very enjoyable!

Dinners planned for this week are:
TODAY: Steak with vietnamese dressing & sweet potato wedges

MONDAY: Roast vegetable and harissa cous-cous

TUESDAY: Aubergine burgers, pitta and coleslaw

WEDNESDAY: Italian pork (slow cooker recipe) - this isn' t the exact rtecipe, and I'm using fresh peppers rather than marinaded from a jar, but it gives a flavour of what we're having.

THURSDAY: Pork again, with baked potatioes from the slow cooker.

I'm off to Liverpool for the weekend, so I won't be posting next week...Hopefully I'll have time to catch up the following Tuesday (full working day on Monday) 

Of course, I want to say Thank You for your comments... Lovely people!

PomPom, I saved you some lamb and chickpeas...(Actually, it wasn't very nice, as Mr FD followed the wrong recipe. Never mind!)

Hard Up Hester Thank you for the advice on wandering Followers. I kind of let the furore about Google Plus etc pass me by!

Kezzie: Did you make the vegetarian lasagne? For non-vegetarians Mary Berry's lasagne recipe is very nice!!

Busy Little Chicken shepherds pie with sweet potato topping sounds yummy!! I'm putting your swap parcel together, but time seems to be going so quickly at the moment!! 

Sorry it's so rushed today...Hopefully it will be less rushed next time. Have a lovely week, dear Peeps!!


  1. I'll be by for supper tonight!

  2. Not yet. I've been out most evenings and CBC is away! I'll do it soon!xx

  3. Aubergine burgers sound good!x

  4. That restaurant looks lovely! Are you from Liverpool? Just wondering, as I am trying to think what to add to you parcel for the probably have a lot of stuff from UK! :)


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