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Hello to all you lovely Peeps. I hope you are all well and sparkly. 

I think today I must force myself to get outside - it is (so far at least) a lovely looking day and I have been uber-lazy recently. Although I slept well, I'm feeling dopey and drowsy, so I probably need a bit of a shake up. I probably should go now - as it's good weather - but secretly I'm hoping that if I leave it, the weather will change and there's a good excuse not to go!!

This week has been nothing special - teaching, planning, a bit of time wasting (I'm good at that!) and my dancing on Wednesday. This weekend Mr FD and I are going to try to initiate ourselves into the mystery of Tarot, as we have our fortnightly card evening on Monday with Monique & Michel. We taught them Cribbage last time, they are going to teach us Tarot this week, but we thought it might be worth trying to get ahead of the game by at least having a vague understanding of the rules.

I have been involved in 40 Acts, so if you want to read what I've been doing there, you can go over to the Teapot

We had pancakes on Tuesday - bizarrely the recipe that I used said that I would be able to make "about 12" pancakes from the quantity of batter. I made 4! I'm not sure if my pancakes were substantially thicker than the ones Mireille Johnson made, or maybe they were bigger. Still, 4 was really a better quantity for 2 people than 12! 

I rarely make pancakes, and if I do, they're usually savoury, and filled with leeks-and-mushrooms in cheese sauce. But I really enjoyed the ones I made, which I had with lemon and sugar. Classic filling!

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow - we won't be doing anything special, or giving cards, but I'm thinking I might make a heart shaped fruit pie - or jam tart - just for fun. Or maybe not. Can I be arsed?! Or perhaps I should take this as my inspiration...?!?!

Last week's food was very nice - the pizza from the van turned into a frozen pizza, as sadly I fear the van has gone out of business, or at least stopped trading. We didn't have the curry on Thursday, but had ding cuisine from the previous evening. And Tuesday's baked fish was very nice. We're not fish eaters really, but we both enjoyed this recipe, as it was hearty and not very fishy!

This week's menus are looking like this:

TODAY: Firecracker turkey (but not on skewers), noodles and stir fried veggies

SUNDAY: Pork and mushroom casserole, rice and carrots

MONDAY: Falafel and halloumi burgers. I used some of a pack of halloumi last week, so need to use up the rest. We'll have these with salad 

TUESDAY: Beef Rendang with rice and green beans 

WEDNESDAY: Honey mustard chicken (in the slow cooker) I haven't got so many lessons this week, as it's school holidays, so I can prepare this before I go to Roanne. Mr FD can cook some potatoes/rice as he wishes.

THURSDAY: Mushroom and tomato curry - I'll cook & prepare this before we go to Roanne shopping, & pop it in the slow cooker to keep warm, rather than to cook it, if you see what I mean...

 FRIDAY: Not really sure yet. Maybe chilli - I have kidney beans and mince in the freezer, so it would be easy to do. We have some tortillas that need using, so we can maybe have burritos. Between us, Mr FD & I should be able to make it the right spiciness - I'm usually too sparing and he's sometimes over-the-top!

I haven't been following 5:2 for quite a while, although Mr FD has (except for the last couple of weeks when he's been under the weather) but I noticed I was beginning to get porky again. I need to be more careful, I think, and try to semi-fast on Mondays & Thursdays...That is, eat  less, no biscuits & snacks, and no alcohol. I'm already choosing low fat recipes to help Mr FD with his fasting, so it shouldn't be too tricky for me to cut down.

as always for your comments...

TRISH...the lurgies have been fended off. I feel a bit guilty as Mr FD has had the viral infection (identified as such by the doctor) very badly, while I have had a minor discomfort. Mine has followed the same pattern as his, but with nothing more than a slight pain in the evening, wheras he has been nursing "agonising pain" (His description. I am saying nothing about men exaggerating. I can't feel what he can feel)

The service last week went well. I hate pictures of me, but this one is bearable

 although my surplice makes me look enormous!

KEZZIE: Thank you for your suggestion of an alternative title - I wish I'd thought of it. And while I do try to use up all left over food I don't think I would really expect Mr FD to eat something he found rotting...But, what he doesn't know won't hurt him...!! We actually both ended up eating steak and chips as I didn't eat very much at the lunch afterwards

although there was plenty!

Oh well, that's about it for food and news. Do please let me know if you've tried any of the recipes I link to; it's always good to hear if people enjoy their food!!


  1. Like you, I must force myself outside to do chores; it's 8 degrees F and won't get much "warmer". The wind is howling so that means the wind chill is double digits below zero; brrrrr!
    I am curious about you know the Bible teaches against witchcraft, the occult, mediums, etc.? God is quite specific about such things.

  2. Thank you for your comment , especially your concern regarding Tarot. But don’t worry – I’m not going over to the “dark side”! I made the same mistake when Monique suggested we should learn Tarot – but in fact it’s only a card game. It isn’t using Tarot cards to tell fortunes/look into the future or whatever. It doesn’t use a Tarot pack of cards (as I think you are imagining!) and is nothing to do with the Occult.

  3. But I've discovered it's rather complicated and I don't really understand it!!

  4. Hi Mouse! I have been neglecting to pop over here and now I've missed all of this week's meals. Drat.
    I know what you mean about getting outside when the sun shines but also feeling like it's deliciously cozy inside, too.
    I did a little sweeping and then I ate another brownie. Now I think I need a nap to sleep off the sugar!
    Take care, good girl.


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