On the first, second and third days of Christmas...

...my Swap partner sent to me...

I joined in another Christmas swap, in which you are partnered up, and send 12 gifts to your partner to be opened, one a day, in the days after Christmas.

I was paired up with Pam, from A New Life in Wales and I sent her various goodies (which you can read about on her blog - I've forgotten what I sent her!!). Here are the lovely things she sent me...

The first day (I opened my first on Boxing Day) Mr FD chose a parcel which revealed this sweet little coaster, made from Welsh slate
Apparently, according to Google, "cwtch" means "to cuddle". Good advice in an emergency: Keep calm and cuddle someone!!

The second day MiL chose another parcel from the box. In this was a lovely handmade drawstring bag and some chocolate treats

Although the fabric is quite Christmassy I think I will use it all year round. I'm not quite sure what for yet...But I'll think of something!

On the third day (today!) I came down to breakfast and a parcel was already laid out and waiting for me...
A dinky little pincushion with some fab heart-topped pins. I'm not a sewer, but I have two friends who are, so I'm sure Pam won't mind if I pass this gift on to 2 people who will use them more than I will.

I'm off to Paris tomorrow, with Mr FD and MiL. We are staying overnight and then putting her on the train home. She was worried about changing stations in Paris, so we said we'd go up with her. So I'll be opening my 4th, 5th and 6th day parcels all in a rush on Thursday. Or maybe I'll spread them out over more than 12 Days...!

Thank you for my lovely gifts so far Pam; I look forward to opening more!


  1. They're very nice presents! It's nice to still have something to open!x

  2. What a sweet idea and such thoughtful little gifts

  3. I like the way OH and MiL are helping with the selection process! Have a great time in Paris. Jx

  4. That looks like a fun swap. I just got gone reading pam's blog as well.


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