Sending A Little Love

Hello, hello, hello dear Readers, and a big Fat Dormouse Welcome to Jade from Bohemian Musings. She fell for the pictures of the cats - and who can blame her?!

I recently took part in a "Send a Little Love" swap, organised by Mad About Bags. It was fun to send things to someone else. And - bien sur! - to receive a parcel back!! I was paired with Joy from Daisy Row and here are the things that I sent to her:

Something red - three handmade cards (two red, one a bit risqué!)

Ooh, look! A nekkid lady!
Just in time for Valentine's day
Something heart shaped, or heart themed: I found this little tray which fitted the bill nicely.
Something delicious to eat: Joy is successfully following Slimming World, so who am I to sabotage that?! So I sent some sugar free mints, made fairly locally, and a fridge magnet featuring Roquefort cheese (which is not made locally - but Mr FD and I passed through the area recently)

Something hand-made: Well, what else but a piece of zentangle inspired art?! Joy asked for something knitting-themed. Yikes! I found a lovely design to copy on the internet. The zentangling is my own, but the idea came from Ellen Wolters' beautiful design on Flickr. I also sent a rather Gallic-style blue-and-white striped scarf which I found in Roanne (no, NOT in Noz!!)

I have opened my presents from Joy too, but you will have to wait for another post about those gifts. Probably written on Saturday, as tomorrow will be a bit busy...teaching in the morning, from 8.30 to 12, kiné at 2.15, shopping and then another lesson from 5pm to 6 pm. Home for quick (chorizo) curry. I am dubious about this recipe, but I will trust Good Housekeeping!

Thank you again for your comments - they are always really welcome!
all commented on those cat photos! They are lovely cats, I have to admit, although George can be a wool stealer when I'm knitting. (By the way Maggie, I loved your blanket for SSC) 
liked the look of the tagine, as did JANE&CHRIS - did you make it, Michelle? And was it well received? Better than here at Dormouse Towers I hope!!
sympathised about my "wot, no meat?!" husband. To be fair, he is often open to vegetarian, or "meat-lite" meals, but obviously he was having a Carniverous night!

both liked the sound of the Pork recipe. Let me know how it goes, won't you? I'm saving Froogs' Rarebit Pork for another time, but it sounds yummy. We have a chicken-y week (with touches of salami) next week. I'll let you know what we're eating at the weekend.


  1. That nekkid lady looks like a REAL lady..not a fake,siliconed,airbrushed,photoshopped one!
    Jane x

  2. We bought fat pork chops today, so I might improvise the recipe tomorrow (pizza tonight). Oh yes, I do love the kitties! Our little James adores cat videos! I really want a kitty of our own, but one of our grands is quite allergic and asthmatic. Maybe she'll grow out of it.
    I wish you love on this Valentine's Day weekend, sweet Dormouse!

  3. Ah les p'tites femmes de Paris ! Thank you so much for following my new-born blog, I just reciprocated. I hope the kiné made you feel better ; are you looking forward to the holidays to-morrow night ? I know I am ! Bien cordialement, Frugal in France.

  4. Oh what lovely, lovely gifts- you are clever! I love your zentangles! xxx

  5. Unfortunately, no. My life is a runaway train, and I don't have time to cook, or clean, or knit, or spin. I squeeze in time for a ride on my horse occasionally, in part because he would tear down the barn if he didn't get regular exercise. I am so tired all the time; I'm hoping I'll feel less overwhelmed when I am completely recovered from this virus....

  6. Many, many thanks for your lovely gifts, FD, I was overwhelmed by your generosity. Joy x x

  7. What fabulous gifts, your zentangle art looks great. And as for the nekkid lady - all I can say is - CHEEKY! ;-)


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