Global Scouse Day. Just to let you know!

Hello again everyone! I appear to have lost two followers. That's sad - I wonder how I offended them? Maybe by not posting often enough - but I am posting most days over at The Teapot as I follow 40 Acts. I hope that some readers here might find my 40 Acts posts interesting too.

Still, I am what I am, and this blog is what it is. I'm grateful for you lovely readers and commenters who remain faithful, so THANK YOU to you 

Food news from last week:
I made the chorizo bake thingyIt was very nice (although it was spicy - maybe I put too much paprika in it!) but I added some passata as well. I think that was a good addition and we both enjoyed it very much. We had it with some rice. I didn't cook it in the slow cooker in the end - I prepared it on Sunday evening and just popped it in the oven for 30 minutes or so when I got home on Monday.

We didn't have the veal dish  on Thursday in the end, as we thought we were going to a friend's for a drink. I thought it would be better to have something I could put in the oven to cook slowly while we were there so it was ready when we got back. I pulled out some beef cheeks from the freezer that I'd bought earlier this month
In the end Alison was ill so we didn't go. But the beef cheeks were yummy with mashed potato and some mixed vegetables. Veal for Sunday this week.

This evening we are going to Clermont for a pot luck supper. You can read more about it (and find a recipe for scouse) over on my post at The Teapot.
And, by happy coincidence I discover that today - the day when I am introducing scouse to the Clermontoise - has been nominated Global Scouse Day:

SUNDAY: We're having the veal au raclette that I'd planned for Thursday.

MONDAY: Tartiflette (recipe in English) - I suspect it's a bit too cheesy for some of you! I'm actually going to cut down on the cheese, up the meat factor (by using gammon steaks that I brought back from the UK), and have a salad with it too. Slightly  healthier!

TUESDAY (fasting) Vegetable (and a tiny bit of pork) stir fry. No recipe for this...Just pork and loads of veggies (carrot, onion, pepper, courgette, mushrooms, celery, leeks) stir fried and then a sposh of sweet chilli sauce added at the end. A few noodles to finish.
WEDNESDAY: Sausage bake. Prepped on Tuesday for Mr FD to heat through before I get back from dancing. If it's anything like last week I will be knackered! We learned a new dance (called "Celtic Kittens"!) which I found to be really fast and complicated (though other people didn't. Sigh).

Don't be fooled by the slow beginning. That's just to lull you into a false sense of security!

I'd spent all week practising two other dances that we'd learned and we didn't do them! NOW I've got to spend this week practising Celtic Kittens to try and batter it into my thick skull and slow feet!
Maybe this is an alternative interpretation of a Celtic Kitten:

SAUSAGE BAKE: Cook some pasta (about 150g for 2 people). Cut up about 100g sausages and fry till browned. Mix cooked pasta, sausages, half a carton of passata, 100g chopped broccoli & any flavourings you wish (I'm thinking some pesto) Put in oven proof dish. Top with mozzarela. Bake for 20 minutes until cheese is melted. I'm using merguez sausages for a bit of spiciness but ordinary chipolatas would be fine. 

THURSDAY: Monique & Michel from across the road are coming for dinner. We'll have River Cottage Warm Butternut Squash salad, a beef casserole-y thing with Dauphinoise (or maybe mashed) potato, and Mr FD's Pannetone pudding, made with choc-chip pannetone.

FRIDAY: (fasting) : Chicken legs with sweet potatoes. Another throw-it-all-together-and-stick-it-in-the-oven dish. Possibly not very fasting-fare but never mind. If I only have my soup midday it won't be too bad.
Marinade 2 chicken legs in a mixture of 0.5 tbsp honey and 0.5 tbsp soy sauce and O.5 tbsp mustard. For about an hour. Then brown the chicken in a little oil. Then put in roasting tin with 1 chopped sweet potato and 1 chopped red pepper. Cook in oven at 190°C until browned and cooked and slightly charred round the edges. I'm thinking of adding onion wedges too.

So that's it! Food planned!
Just an update: My scouse is smelling good, the pickled red cabbage is made and I have also made a Canterbury Pudding Tart - as Mr FD is from Kent & lived in Canterbury for most of his childhood. Here is the recipe

GILL: As ever, the place is set at the table for you - rather like Elijah at the Passover feast!
Maybe, one day, you will surprise us all!!

FISHCAKE RANDOM: Was the cake made? Was it enjoyed by all? I bet it was!

TRISH: I'm glad you enjoyed the salmon. It's always nice to know that I've introduced a new dish to someone. I enjoy experimenting so it's lovely to hear if others enjoy the food too.

POMPOM: I always enjoy reading your comments on the LOLcats pictures. Which one caught your fancy this week?


  1. I'm still here although quiet due to extreme weather, my increasing age (thank God) and outdoor chores. My cats/dogs would LOVE to drink my Guinness but the line has to be drawn somewhere! The Pannetone Bread Pudding looks wonderful but I'm a sucker for bread and something else.

  2. I have all the ingredients for the chorizo bake in the freezer/fridge. I think that will be on the menu next week then!

  3. *looks sheepish

    What cake?......on nom nom. There's no cake here.....


  4. Aw! The tabby kitten. WANT! Our little James (9 mo.) LOVES cats! His parents show him pictures of cats all the time and he smiles and laughs. Don't you think Granny needs a kitten? I do! It's that concern for the granddaughter who is so allergic. I'll figure it out. Your menu sounds delish as always. YOU are such a kind cook! You might not have lost followers for a particular reason. It might be a mistake on Blogger's part, too. Nobody would unfollow YOU, Mouse.

  5. I am going to have a big batch cooking day on Sunday. So I may have to pop by your house again as I will be tired!!


  6. I'm still following you! lol
    I learn a lot from reading blogs...and now i know about Scouse day thanks to your blog! :-)

  7. I'm really inspired by your recipes today! I'm definitely trying the chorizo and pork casserole and your sausage pasta bake. Thank you! X


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