Normal Service...?

Vaguely normal service is being introduced after yesterday's gastro attack - although I'm not in much of an eating mood. So far today I have had a bowl of porridge and two Hobnob-type biscuits. And, rather distressingly, coffee has taken on a rather unpleasant taste. I hope that will change back! I am, at 15h35 now starting to feel a bit more like eating, but not much. I hope this improves too, as I have a delicious dinner planned and it would be such a shame if I didn't feel up to it!

It is lovely to welcome some new followers, from the GYB event (see the "official" post here). A big, Fat Dormouse welcome to:
I've not had as much time as I would have liked to visit blogs from this event, but I'm hoping to rectify that next weekend - today has been too full catching up on the work I'd planned to do yesterday. Bills needed sending out, account spreadsheets needed updating (and re-doing as I deleted one by accident. Sigh), lessons needed planning, and TBH, ironing needs doing but I'm thinking that can wait. I'll wear crumpled clothes this week!

Our planned menus this week are:
TODAY: Duck breast, gratin potatoes, red cabbage and braised chicory. Maybe some green beans too - this weekend has been sadly lacking in vegetables! As I said, I hope I'm up to this, as it sounds lush!!

MONDAY: Lentil Shepherd's Pie. I love this recipe! I've made it several times, and because I always make too much filling, it's dead easy to pop the extra filling in the freezer to be pulled out and topped with mash at a later date. I'm actully going to top this with the rest of the gratin potatoes from Sunday though, instead of using sweet potato. We'll have this with green beans. KEZZIE - I think you should try this one for CB. It is delicious!!!


TUESDAY (Fasting) Hairy Dieter's Skinny Lasagne Only I'm going to use aubergine instead of leeks for this one. I'm working all day, so I know I'm going to go over the 500 calories - no matter! Egg for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch and then this for dinner.


WEDNESDAY: I changed my mind about the pizza last week - good job I did! When I got there the van had packed up and gone! But this week I bought a couple of pizza for Mr FD to furbish with extras for supper tonight.

THURSDAY: (Fasting)Salmon laksa, Now this recipe looks rather complcated, but it isn't really.And instead of faffing about making the chilli paste I just use a good squirt of sweet chilli sauce! I'm going to use some leeks as well as the peppers in the recipe.

FRIDAY: Harissa Chicken - thank you Hairy Dieters (again!) - but with roast veggies, not bulghar wheat salad. Mr FD is usually in charge of cooking on Friday as I get home late from teahing, but both students have cancelled for this week.

So many people left comments on my GYB post that I can't reply to those, but let me try to reply to other comments made over the past few posts:

FISHCAKE RANDOM, KEZZIE, MARIA, JANE&CHRIS, JEAN - thank you for your good wishes. I think it was a 24 hour thing and it's almost fine now. It's nice to have sympathy though!!

KEZZIE liked my 5:2 post - or maybe it was the recipe!

KEZZIE & JEAN have both said they're interested in the 40 Acts for Lent. It starts next week and I'm looking forward to getting involved. Go here if you want more information. CRO however has decided to give up being nice to Jehovah's Witnesses!!! That's not kind, Cro! Maybe Grumpy Cat can help us here...


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