A Mixed Bag

Goodness me! It's a long time since I've had to work on a Saturday! I'm starting teaching 4 new groups on Monday and only got the information about their levels on Friday afternoon! It doesn't leave much time for preparation!! Because last week (and all weeks for the foreseeable future!) was quite chocka with lessons, I had to plan and prepare today, finally finishing at 3.30. Phew! I took a short break to take some photos of the St Just classe - you can read more about that over at The Teapot

Here's a photo - if you're wondering what's going on, pop over and read all about it at The Teapot.

Tomorrow we have a picnic and silent auction after church...so I need to make some cakes to take. I'm thinking some plain fairy cakes, to be honest, as I don't feel very inspired to do anything else!! 

We were taken out for a meal on Thursday by Alison & GĂ©rome - to say Thank You for help that Mr FD has given them with internetty things and also as a Happy Birthday to Mr FD for last week, and me, for a few weeks hence. We went to La Poste, round the corner.
                                                    Source: logishotels.com

I had a ballotin of chicken with a pistachio stuffing, followed by a piece of beef in a wine and shallot sauce, fried potatoes and a few veggies, cheese and then a small piece of myrtille charlotte and a small piece of fruit meringue cake.  Very nice! 

Source: leroannais.com

This is the cheeseboard - how do you choose from that?!

Now: The Giveaway!!
I only needed you to comment on the post, in order to try to win a copy of the Picnic book

 There were 10 comments that I knew I could count - PomPom and Jane living beyond the Atlantic, I know I can't send it to you...I'll try to find a lighter book for readers beyond the bounds of Europe!!

The random number generator (me picking a number from the "hat") came up wth 7 - counting down the comments the 7th one was Kim Neville, so if Kim can let me know her address I will be able to send it to her. If I've not heard from her within 5 days I'll pick another number out, so get your skates on, Kim!

Thank you for your comments on my last post when I had a Senior Moment (or possibly a slightly drunken moment!) and tried to eat cold ratatouille for my pudding! It seems I'm not the only one to do something like that! 

Kezzie - did you try the chickpea stew? We didn't have it in the end as I found some Hoisin sauce that needed eating - we had duck and leeks in hoisin sauce with noodles...Yummy!

PomPom wished me fun with my line dancing...It was fun. I arrived late for the beginners' class, but they'd only just started. So I learned a dance called "Chippin' Away" - that was quite easy. Then I stayed for the next level up, the"Improvers", where they started learning a dance called "Stay, stay, stay" Oh my! That was difficult!! I have been trying to practise at home, but it refuses to stay in my head. Here is a link to a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU84cpGlUCI. Finally we learned another called "Broken Heart" that was reasonably easy to pick up.

I've been practising all three dances, and am reasonably happy with two, but not "Stay..." I really need to put more time into that one!!

It's quite late now, so I won't tell you about food now - I had better go and make those fairy cakes! Maybe tomorrow! Maybe you will never find out what we eat this week...                         Who knows..


  1. Mmmmm your meal out sounds super!!!!!
    Not done the chickpeas yet, ended up with other stuff to esat. Will do though. x

  2. Now that's a cheese board - WOW!!
    And thank you for your really wonderful Adventure comment - I've left a reply x


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