Looking back at last week

Good morning lovely people! If you're a late arrival to the Grow Your Blog event, a special welcome. You can find my "official" post here. There is also my not-so-food-orientated blog over at the View from the Teapot where you can read a bit more about life here in France. However, as the Wibsite (blogging host) is becoming more difficult to work with, the View might change its provider fairly shortly. I'll keep you posted.

Here is the real View from the Teapot - a view of our village. You can even see our house! The Hotel de Londres is dead centre, with the stepped roof (it has had a face lift since this picture was taken, but never mind!) We are the house to the left of the hotel - still attached to it - with the brown shutters.

I also need to say ANOTHER big Fat Dormouse welcome to some new followers. This is really lovely! Three more Followers have joined me, and I hope that my recipes, menu plans, food comments and other snippets are interesting for you.

  • Mara Paz from Africa to Algarve is another English teacher. Bem-vindo, Mara (Google Yranslate assures me that this means "Welcome" in Portuguese. Mind you, one can't always rely on Google Translate!)
It is lovely to welcome you.
Onto last week...

Isn't it odd how, even though I didn't have a huge number of lessons to teach , I still found I didn't have time for things like cleaning the house ?! Or for blogging, for that matter...I did find time to do some zentanging, however, and have done a beautiful little gecko that I'm rather proud of

and another cat - although the cat is a bit small.

I also made a birthday card for a friend - zentangled, of course!

Around the circle I wrote "Happy Birthday" in English, French and Welsh. Why Welsh? Because it was the right length to fit in the space!!

I have found myself becoming rather addicted to zentangling - though it's possible that purists might say that I'm producing "zentangle-inspired art" rather than zentangles, which I believe are officially "tiles" of a certain size. Be that as it may, whatever I'm doing, I really enjoy it! I can find myself getting lost in a design for an hour, just listening to gentle music, and concentrating on the pattern. It somehow engages the mind and yet leaves it free to wander.

(Those are not my feet & it's not my weight! SOURCE)

Weight wise, I've maintained this week. Of course, I'd rather have lost weight, but I'm reasonably happy to maintain. 

Food wise, last week was okay - the long awaited wild boar was delicious! Mr FD even declared it "was better than Christmas" - I think the c├Ępes sauce was better than the wine sauce that we had at Christmas. The package that my student gave us included the Filet Mignon again, so we had that on Sunday; I also cooked the Cuissot, and then sliced and froze that in its sauce - I got 10 portions of meat from it, so that will be some tasty treats for the future!

Kamchatka was good (as always!) and kept me full on my Fast Day evening. Otherwise, things were fairly enjoyable, but nothing was stand-out-great...but then, why should it be? It is just normal, every day fare.

Thank you again for your lovely comments.

Pompom - keep holding out for that kitten! In the mean time, here's one just for you

Jean - did you find the Special K biscuits? They had them in the big Carrefour & the Carrefour Market shops that I went to recently. I definitely prefer the chocolate ones to the fruit ones.

Lori - It's lovely that you are joining me! There will be more Food News later on today (or maybe tomorrow) so I hope that will inspire you some more.

Jo - I think the easiest way of describing the taste of boar is "like pork used to taste" - it is basically a flavoursome, slightly more toothsome type of pork,that definitely needs marinading to break the fibres down a little. It also benefits from long cooking time too. Coleslaw with cheese sounds deliciously decadent...maybe I'll try that one day!

Trish - I'm glad you liked "Kamchatka". I think it's fab! On a less-good-for-you note, I've cooked a similar dish, with roast sweet potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes and onions, with chorizo again, which then had an egg broken into it. That too was delicious!

Meal planning for next week will follow in another post.


  1. Hi Mouse! Yes, I'm holding out for the kitten. We'll see! Thank you for the funny cat joke!
    Your village is extra lovely! Thank you for showing us!

  2. I love your drawings! What a lizard I must say "Perfect"

  3. So that's what a zentangle is!!! Beautiful!!! X

  4. I have not gotten to the store yet. with guests, until I put them on an airplane this morning we have been mostly eating out. I have them on the store list to buy next trip.


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