A belated Secret Santa!

This is a reblog from The Teapot, so that people can see my lovely Secret Santa gifts, as I can't load photos on the Wibsite. Honestly, after the Grow Your Blog furore has calmed down I think I will take the Teapot over to another Blog provider. I'm heartily fed up of not being able to show photos. ANYWAY:

Before Christmas I signed up with Char at t*rexes and tiaras for her Secret Santa swap. I love Secret Santas, and swaps and Giveaways - and hope to take part in a few more this year. So, if anyone knows of any going on, please give me a headsup - so I was happy to take part in this one.
I sent off my gift to my recipient (necklace, scarf, bookmark) and waited in anticipationfor my Secret Santa...

But Christmas came...and went...and there was no sign of my parcel. I resigned myself to the fact that it had been lost (or perhaps purloined, as was a birthday card with money in, that my mum sent me.) Until last week I got home from teaching and found a delightfully exotic parcel all the way from South Africa...

In it were lots of delightful goodies: there was:
  • a gorgeous scarf, in greens and browns and yellows, with my favourite sunflowers on it. I have already worn it loads and loads.
  • 4 brilliant cat badges...One is being worn by Mr D (it says "The Cat's Whiskers" on it!), one by me, one is on my everyday winter hat, and the other is waiting for a home.
  • Six cunning little cat clips
  • A beautiful corsage made from reclaimed fabric.
  • Lemony scented soap
  • Soft and cuddly wool, which has already started being knitted into blankets for Spanish Stray Cats.
  • A jolly cat Christmas card
 Cat badges! With cat faces!!

beautiful sparkly corsage

Cat card!

 All my lovely, lovely things!

All of these came from Chane at OddOneOut. I love my Secret Santa gift - and I love it all the more because I didn't think it was going to ever arrive!

P.S. Menu plans are on the post before this one.


  1. Oh! I was so pleased to read your comments on my blog this morning! I'll add The Red Tent to my reading list (I do believe I have a copy of it that I've never gotten a chance to enjoy!). Thanks so much for being my newest follower! I'm now following you, too. :) Can't wait to check out your recipes! Lori

  2. Those cat badges are just gorgeous:)) I am a huge cat fan and like anything related to those fury creatures:))

  3. Hi Mouse! Aw! Cute kitty buttons! No, still no kitty for Pom Pom.

  4. Hi There Friendly Doormouse! Thank you so much for the lovely mention. Sorry your gift was so late, we had a hectic festive season! Hope you have a lovely day, Chané :)


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