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Hello, hello, Lovely new followers!
Last week I welcomed my 100th Follower (Stalker?!) and now I have 6 more to welcome. How fantastic is that?! I do hope that you all find something that is of interest to you.

So, without further ado, let me give a Big Fat Dormouse Welcome to:

Yesterday my student-who-is-a-hunter (who provided us with our Christmas dinner) gave me another hunk of wild boar. It was frozen, and I knew that I couldn't get it home still frozen, as I had two more lessons and a load of shopping to do. So, although my plan had been to freeze it, I decided to let it defrost, marinade it and cook it, then freeze it in meal-sized portions. When I opened the package there was also the Filet Mignon so that also is being marinaded for our dinner tomorrow. Oh, yummy yummy! I have some C├Ępes sauce in the cupboard, so we're going to have a feast tomorrow!

It won't be a low calorie meal, but with careful management during the rest of the day, it shouldn't be too bad. But I don't think a filet mignon of sanglier deserves anything but full enjoyment!

So far, in four weeks, I have lost 3 kg - 6.6 lb. I'm certainly happy with that! I know it won't continue, because this is still my body saying "Help! Why is the food intake so low?! Emergency...emergency!" but I think that this way is sustainable. I don't feel particularly deprived, I don't feel worried if I have a little "extra" from time to time, but we are eating sensible, reduced portions of slightly lower calorie food.

Incidentally, I bought these recently:
They aren't at all bad - I bought the Myrtilles ones too, but they're a bit over sweet and jammy, whereas the chocolate ones give a reasonable chocolate hit. At 50 calories for 1 biscuit they're not bad. I find that if I break 1 biscuit in half, I can have one bit, and then save the other for later. And it's like having two not-particularly-tiny chocklit biskits.

Anyway, our menus for this week are as follows...Don't forget you can click on the links to find the recipes, should you wish to do so:
Aforementioned wild boar, roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other delicious things!

Fish from freezer (it's ready prepared, so I can't remember how many calories. Not too bad though), rice and veggies

Pork skewers with coleslaw, Slimming World chips and salad.
Marinade 300g pork loin (cubed) in a mix of 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp tomato ketchup (sweet chilli sauce for us!), 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp Chinese Five-Spice, 1 tbsp orange juice for at least 15 minutes. Thread onto skewers (if you can be bothered!) and grill on "High" for aout 7 minutes, basting with the marinade & turning occasionally, until cooked. Serve with coleslaw

Coleslaw: 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp piri-piri sauce, a pinch of sugar, 2-3 tbsp low fay mayo, 1/4 red cabbage (I'll be using Chinese Leaf, as I'll have some left), 1 carrot, grated, and 1 thinly sliced spring onion. Mix it all together.
(300 calories a serving. Serves 2)

Meatloaf from freezer, baked potatoes & ratatouille. Easy cook for Mr FD who is at college all day, but needs to cook as I don't get home until 7.00. 

The meatloaf was a Hairy Dieter's recipe - very tasty - which I cooked a couple of weeks ago.

Kamchatka! Huzzah! A favourite diet meal! We'll have it with some chorizo thrown into the mix. Mr FD will probably have a roll with this as well.


Hairy Dieter's Bean burgers - not quite the recipe, but almost. With potato wedges, salad and a Grek yoghuert/mango chutney dip. I might make a tomato salsa as well...but no buns!

Spicy Lamb Steaks with Tabbouleh which sounds delicious and yummy.

My lunches are generally home made soup, 1 slice bread with a 25g serving of protein, radishes/cherry tomatoes, 1 biscuit (not necessarily Special K) and fruit. And this now keeps me going until dinner. 

Thank you again for your comments - I love reading them & try to answer each one on the next (or nearly next!) blog post.

ANGELA: Thank you for the tip about moving my scales. They can stay where they are!! I remembered to weigh myself today, anyway - 500g down from last week. 1 lb a week is fine for me!

MICHELLE: The fritatta ended up being Thursday's dinner, instead of Monday's, but it was very nice. I roasted the squash before using it, rather than pan-frying it - because I had the oven on to cook chocolate brownies to say thank you to my wild-boar-supplying-student. As a vegetarian I guess you know what we call Kamchatka (and the rest of the world call Chachouka) - I think it's fab!

LORI: I hope you like the recipes - and "The Red Tent". I found it a fascinating book, & have probably read it two or three times.

JOLUISE: I'm glad you & Pompom liked the cat badges. I think they're great! My cat Bib is sitting watching me type at this very moment. I fear she may be planning a lightening raid on my fingers!!

POMPOM: STILL no kitty?! My kitties send you special licks-and-purrs to make you feel better.
And here's something you could order on Amazon, if you wish:

Altogether now: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


  1. I know, it's sad that I have no kitty. Thank you for the love from your fur babies. All your foodie goodness is great today.

  2. Those new Special K snacks look interesting. I will need to check at simply or Cora for them. I like to have some sort of snack in my office. I am out right now.

  3. So glad to be following you now! It's lovely to make new friends.:) I enjoy Skinny Cow ice creams when I'm dieting as well as soups for lunch and smoothies for breakfast. I gained a bit of weight over the holidays so thank you for the inspiration.:) Lori

  4. I do have to ask - what does wild boar taste like? My cat Ruby is hot and fed up with the heat - we have had some very hot summer weather which doesn't make a very fluffy cat very happy at all!! Fortunately she is an indoor cat and can enjoy the tiles on the bathroom floor which for her, is the coolest place to be.

    And thank you so much for your very kind words:))

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    PS I noticed you made Coleslaw - I know this isn't a diet option, but ever considered add grated cheese? Its the way my mum always made it.

  5. I've just made and eaten Kamchatka for my tea. V yummy! I made half the amount for me, without the chilli as I hates it, but with fresh parsley on top. Agree the recipe wouldn't satisfy 4; who wants to eat half an egg? Thanks for the recipe.


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