What's Cooking Tonight?!

Here are the meal plans for this week:

MONDAY: Fasting today, so not eating much (and feeling a bit light headed if truth be told!) Tonight I'm going to cook the Cauliflower crust pizza, as mentioned yesterday. On verra

TUESDAY: Lunch: Soup and rest of pizza/ cheese on toast.
Dinner: Not sure; we're at Cathy's for apéros which will mean lots of snacks and nibblies. So maybe we'll just have beans-on-toast for supper when we get back.

WEDNESDAY: I'm back to all-day teaching, so I'll have a sandwich lunch in the car.
Mr FD is cooking tonight, as I'll be late home and I think he's invited a friend over for dinner. I'm not sure if he wants me to tell him what to cook...

THURSDAY: Fasting, so not much to eat, until we have Red pepper & Ginger soup, followed by Crab Malabar for dinner. Both recipes from the 5:2 Recipe Book. The Crab Malabar is a spicy mix of crabmeat and spring onions served hot on crisp lettuce leaves. As I've found a few carbs are good to fill one up, I'm considering adding some rice to the crab mixture; the soup is 112 calories and the crab 176, so we have a few to spare!

FRIDAY: Not sure about lunch, to be honest! Something quick - scrambled eggs perhaps? - as I'm out teaching in the afternoon.
Dinner: Mr FD is probably cooking, as I think I have a teaching job until 17h30, followed by shopping, so I won't get back until about 19h30. Chicken and pepper pasta is planned - this is rom the Good Housekeeping Mediterranean diet pull-out. It's a mixture of chicken strips, red/yellow peppers, mushrooms and pasta. Fairly simple, but hopefully delicious!

SATURDAY: Crispy cod with mustard onions - and probably potato wedges and steamed cabbage (grace à Yves from last week!)


  1. Hi Mouse! You are adventurous eaters. I admire your enthusiasm!


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